[VLS05] VA – V as Peace EP out soon

Evano & Nitz

[VLS05] VA - "V as Peace EP"

After 4 dancefloor oriented EPs, the penguins take a nap.. Expect some downtempo, ambient and experimental sounds from all over the world for this new release. Total playtime 52min. 200 copies Ltd.

“downtempo, ambient and experimental sounds”


VLS05 . VA – V for Peace EP

A1. His Inorganic Being – Sub-project-58
A2. Dices – Drawing a Blank
A3. Burago Jurchanie
A4. Nitz – Antinode
A5. Koyil SG Dub
B1. Evano – Grandel_s Musyc
B2. Koyil – Moondog
B3. Astral Conspiracy – Interstellar Rain
B4. IRS – Arp Way There
B5. IRS – Bowel Movement
B6. Sasha Nevolin – Advice Sharing

“Little Pointers EP” by Nitz out now on Origin Records


"Little Pointers EP"

After more than 10 years of active involvement in music, Tine Vrabič aka Nitz has become, with his unique sound and his immaculate sense for detail, an indispensable and binding figure of the electronic music scene in Slovenia. “Little Pointers EP” is a 6 track release taking you into an atmospheric landscape filled with sonic details giving the sound an added dimension .


“Atmospheric landscape filled with sonic details giving the sound an added dimension.”

Quadraphonic Surround – Luc Ringeisen

That state of trance which we are seeking after so much.
“Quadraphonic Surround

The concept is to bring surround into our beloved dance music, not an experimental concert type of event, but actual “club music” in surround, executed in real time on analog drum machines, modular synthesizers, a quadraphonic analog “Studer” console from the 60’s and multichannel digital multi-effects, fully using all the possibilities offered by a quadraphonic set up, such as 3 dimensional immersive impression, where the dancer feels like he stands inside the artificial “space” created thanks to surround possibilities such as surround reverbs and other effects, and the use of analog spatializers creating the feeling of “distance”. 

On top of placing each sound in a 3 dimension space thanks to the quadraphonic console, the use of eurorack modules such as joysticks (yes like in the 80’ies video games) and “quad spatializers”, any sound of the mix, can at any time be sent in motion around the dancers. Synthesizers and percussions are literally turning around the crowd each in an independent way regarding their direction, speed and distance from center. 

The artist is in control of each sound motion, allowing him to create unprecedented “psychedelic environments” where the dancer can loose himself in the middle of synth sequences and percussions that are literally “dancing around him”, so he can enter much easier in that state of trance which we are seeking after so much.

A very simple upgrade on one of the dance floors of a festival or a club can allow an outstanding new way to experiment electronic dance music via quadraphony. Instead of 2 channels (= stereo), the quadraphony uses 4 channels, which are placed on each of the 4 corners of the dance floor, allowing to create immersive audio, also called surround. 

“The artist is in control of each sound motion


“How to listen to a Quadraphonic file”

You will need a sound card with at least 4 outputs, and 2 pairs of speakers, ideally of same brand and power.If the brands are different try to use speakers with more or less the same power. Place 2 speakers in front of you (= channels 1+2), and 2 speakers in your back (= channels 3+4). The set up should look as much as possible like a perfect square. The center of the square made by the speakers is your listening position.
To listen to the quad surround file:
First of all you have to configure you computer for quadraphonic audio, assigning the audio outputs of your sound cards to your 4 speakers. For example  if you connect the output 1 of your sound card the speaker FRONT /LEFT, output 2 to the speaker FRONT / RIGHT, output 3 to the speaker REAR / LEFT and ouput 4 to the speaker REAR / RIGHT, you then have to tell your computer that you did so. On a Mac go to UTILITIES => AUDIO MIDI SET UP. On the left side you can select you sound card, then click on “CONFIGURE SPEAKERS” then select “QUADRAPHONIC” on the top right corner.
Finally assign an output to each speaker:
To play this file you will need a player able to play quadraphonic audio files, like for ex. VLC / QuickTime / Foobar and most of audio player softwares (many of them are free), or some home cinemas set up might work as well.
You can also play it from a DAW supporting surround formats such as Logic Audio, Cubase etc. (in audio settings select “quadraphonic” as surround format and create an empty quad audio track).
Place the quad file on a quad track and set up the outputs from the DAW audio preferences following those indications:
To listen to the split files (front+rear) surround version from a DAW (such as Ableton Live) you will need a sound card with at least 4 outputs and a multichannel music software such as Ableton Live (important: “WARP” has to be turned OFF on both audio clips), Logic, Cubase etc also probably Traktor can do the job. Open 2 stereo channels, one routed to the outputs 1+2, the other one to the outputs 3+4. Set up the outputs of the sound card following those indications:
Load the “FRONT” file into the stereo channel routed to output 1+2
Load the “REAR” file into the stereo channel routed to output 3+4
Play both files simultaneously (they really have to be perfectly synchronized). In Ableton Live you will have to make sure that the start points of each audio clip (right next to the “warp”option) have the exact same values, to avoid delays.

Walrus, Dj.booth – “Listen To The Basic Moves” out now!

DJ.Booth & Walrus —
"Listen to the Basic Moves"

Basic Moves are teaming up with Listen! Festival again for the 3rd year in a row to curate a stage presenting artists from the past and new talent for the future. This year’s promotional tool is something tactile and very common in the Basic Moves world… It’s a 12” vinyl record!

All of the benefits of this record will go to Liaison Antiprohibitioniste (www.laliaison.org), an association for people affected by drug policies. It brings together those who are confronted with the problems caused by the prohibition of certain drugs. All are convinced, from their experience, of the need to implement an alternative policy to prohibitionism.

The A-Side features 2 tracks from Casablanca-born, now Brussels-based Driss Bennis aka OCB aka Dj.Booth from the now already legendary Moroccan label Casa Voyager

The first track is a proper banger for the peak time hours of the after hours, while the second track on the A-side is a broken beat stepper like only Driss can make. 

B-side features 2 tracks by Basic Moves’ own Walrus dating from 8 years ago coming from a lost demo asked by a big UK label but that never left his hard drive. B1 was made barefoot and is heavily inspired by early Omar S and the rougher sounds of US house. B2 is an ode to the city he loves and hates at the same time. “Free city light” between a smile and a tear. Brussels.



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“All of the benefits of this record will go to Liaison Antiprohibitioniste, an association for people affected by drug policies.”


OL meets Denis Kaznacheev

OL meets Denis Kaznacheev



While being in Berlin in March 2020 OL had a home studio session with his friend Denis Kaznacheev. Due to unexpected arrest of Denis, we’ve decided to release it now and send all the revenue to help Denis. 

 All the info regarding the case could be found here: www.gofundme.com/f/7tdnu-justice-for-denis Please sign the petition here: www.change.org/p/justice-for-denis 

“Home studio session with Denis Kaznacheev” 

Side A
1. recognition of a real problem (2:54)
2. signs (impact) (3:03)
3. the media (3:06)
4. out of controls (1:00)
5. spread dynamics (3:15)

Side B
6. collapsing (3:04)
7. adaptation period (3:38)
8. safe status (5:14)
9. aftermath (2:03)
10. re.recognition of a real problem (sth mix) (2:54)

Produced by Denis Kaznacheev (@denis-kaznacheev) and OL (@moneyisagas)
Mastering by Oleg Buyanov
Artwork design by Ildar Zaynetdinov
Executive producer Ildar Zaynetdinov

Recorded in March 2020 at Denis Kaznacheev’s studio in Berlin.


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Interstellar Travel Guide – Volume I out now on Bandcamp

Rings of

Travel Guide
Volume I

To celebrate our debut, we gathered all our artists and challenged them to create music unbounded by genre-specific constrictions. “Interstellar Travel Guide” is a two-part compilation featuring the agency’s 24 artists, and showcases a versatile array of music ranging from spoken vocals & ambient drones to exploratory techno. ‘Volume I’ is the compilation’s most experimental part, assembling 12 compositions of calm, awe-inspiring moments fundamentally aimed at contemplation, and meditation. Volume II will be released shortly after and will gather tracks from the other side of the spectrum, exploring rather beat-driven arrangements.

“Interstellar Travel Guide” is exclusively available on Bandcamp in both digital and limited-edition cassette format. In solidarity with recent protests against police racism and brutality, and in honour of the Stonewall riots of 1969, we’ll also be donating our revenue during the next two months to black-, trans- and queer-led anti-discrimination organizations committed to long-term systemic change, political education, and engagement within the communities such as NAACP, Black Visions Collective and Queer Refugees Germany. 

“12 compositions of calm, awe-inspiring moments fundamentally aimed at contemplation, and meditation.”



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Non-profit label ‘Giving’ in support of Food For Ibiza


"Non Profit Label"

Just a couple of weeks during the lockdown Grego G suggested the idea of joining the love we have for the music and the time we currently spend, staying physically distant from each other, to come virtually closer, around a common project. Stephane Ghenacia and Alex Garcia shared the idea and joined forces knowing that it would be right to take advantage of the current lock-down to help people, despite the distance.

“We have decided to help the FOOD FOR IBIZA organization”

Solidarizing with each other in these times of trouble allows us to keep a social link, adding humanity to this never foreseen situation.

We have decided to help the FOOD FOR IBIZA organization, which does a remarkable job supporting the families who face difficulties in Ibiza.

For many different reasons, this island means a lot to us; therefore, we care a lot for its inhabitants.

The people who work and live here contribute to preserving the exceptional and unique identity of Ibiza. The Ibiza people and kids are the future of this magical island, so we have to take care of them. We have created a Non-Profit Label exclusively dedicated to this cause and project, and all the profits will be donated to the

FOOD FOR IBIZA association.

The principle is simple : unite as many artists as possible to create music and create a direct beneficial impact in the community. We´ve decided to name the project GIVING.

And we did it. We thought to start with forty artist and the list just got bigger and bigger