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Rings of Neptune is an independent Label, Artist Booking & Management & Music Publishing. A Boutique Agency based in Groningen, Paris and Berlin, born from the on-going collaboration between Rotate and Pluie/Noir over the past half-decade.

We represent an international roster of artists with a particular focus on the electronic-music spectrum and its intricate sonic diversity. 

Our artists produce music, perform live or DJ around the world, and our goal is, above all, to provide them with a sustainable system that enables creativity. Through on-going open dialogue, we aim to fulfil whatever path our artists envision, treating all parts of their creative process with equal importance.

Our main area of operation is the throbbing heart of the ever-changing European music scene. Still, our international network of venue, promoter, and press contacts is continuously growing, and we’re always working on new and exciting collaborations on a global scale.

The experience we gathered throughout the years provided us with a comprehensive understanding and thoughtful approach towards music events and connected us to the electronic music scene worldwide. It enabled us to work with all types of venues and occasions, from the smallest underground parties to the most significant festivals, with a dedicated and experienced team working professionally to secure the best and most appropriate opportunities on your behalf.

We’re a small but very passionate team of music enthusiasts, eager to help our artists expand their creative expression and the fulfilment of noteworthy collaborations in the music scene.



Bruno :  Atree, Mari.te

Denise :  Cleymoore, Denis Kaznacheev, Eversines, Marie K, Luna Ludmila, Nitz, Pieter Jansen, Rubi

Marie-Anna : Katie Drover, Maxime dB, Thorgerdur

Myriam :  Borys, Evano, ISH, KINO, Noizar, Penelope

Romain : ABI, Aliana, Ethan McNamara, Luc Ringeisen

Bruno & Denise : II/III, Jana Irmert, Kind des Geistes, Nies, Opya/Pluies, rouge-ah, Shoen

We are looking for an experienced booking agent to join our team!
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Bruno Santos

Head of Production, Management, Sync, Copywriting & Design

e: bruno[at]


Denise Gluck

Head of Production, Management, Sync & Booking Agent

e: denise[at]


Myriam Sabara

Booking Agent

e: myriam[at]


Marie-Anna Postma

Junior Agent

e: marie-anna[at]


Romain Riem-Vis

Junior Agent

e: romain[at]


Roger Mac

Web Designer & Consultant

e: roger[at]