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OL meets Denis Kaznacheev

June 14, 2020

OL meets Denis Kaznacheev



While being in Berlin in March 2020 OL had a home studio session with his friend Denis Kaznacheev. Due to unexpected arrest of Denis, we’ve decided to release it now and send all the revenue to help Denis. 

 All the info regarding the case could be found here: Please sign the petition here: 

“Home studio session with Denis Kaznacheev” 

Side A
1. recognition of a real problem (2:54)
2. signs (impact) (3:03)
3. the media (3:06)
4. out of controls (1:00)
5. spread dynamics (3:15)

Side B
6. collapsing (3:04)
7. adaptation period (3:38)
8. safe status (5:14)
9. aftermath (2:03)
10. re.recognition of a real problem (sth mix) (2:54)

Produced by Denis Kaznacheev (@denis-kaznacheev) and OL (@moneyisagas)
Mastering by Oleg Buyanov
Artwork design by Ildar Zaynetdinov
Executive producer Ildar Zaynetdinov

Recorded in March 2020 at Denis Kaznacheev’s studio in Berlin.


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