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[PNEM04] Shōen 荘園 — Plant​.​æ
Watch Cleymoore and Eris live at Hoppetosse for The Mudd Show
break the glass2
Break the Glass
(In Case of Emergency)
Personalized mental health tools from the Rings of Neptune artists & staff.
Berlin-based duo formed by Enrica Falqui and Dea Dvornick join the Rings of Neptune roster.

IIk Onkar: One with Everything

IIk Onkar brings together audio-visual performances, sound therapy, breathwork, yoga and meditation.

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Dynamic Range:
Unveiling the Invisible 9th Passenger Aboard the Nostromo
Bruno Santos explores the role of sound and music in our inherent perception of fantasy films.
Josef Albers & Walrus at CCINQ
Walrus experiments with the ARP2600 synthesiser inspired by Albers’ squares and grid points.

Interview with Pit Spector

Pit tells us what influenced him over the past 7 years up until the release of his new album, Mindoor

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Rings of Neptune

Rings of Neptune is an independent Label, Booking Management & A/V Production Agency based in Paris and Berlin, born from the on-going collaboration between Rotate and Pluie/Noir over the past half-decade. 

We represent an international roster of performing and recording artists, with a particular focus on the electronic-music spectrum and its intricate sonic diversity.   Our artists produce music, perform live or DJ around the world, and our goal is, above all, to provide them with a sustainable system that enables creativity.

Through ongoing open dialogue, we aim to fulfil whatever path our artists envision, treating all parts of their creative process with equal importance.

Our main area of operation is the throbbing heart of the ever-changing European music scene, but our international network of venue, promoter, and press contacts is ever-growing, and we’re constantly working on new and exciting collaborations on a global scale.