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Non-profit label ‘Giving’ in support of Food For Ibiza

June 11, 2020


"Non Profit Label"

Just a couple of weeks during the lockdown Grego G suggested the idea of joining the love we have for the music and the time we currently spend, staying physically distant from each other, to come virtually closer, around a common project. Stephane Ghenacia and Alex Garcia shared the idea and joined forces knowing that it would be right to take advantage of the current lock-down to help people, despite the distance.

“We have decided to help the FOOD FOR IBIZA organization”

Solidarizing with each other in these times of trouble allows us to keep a social link, adding humanity to this never foreseen situation.

We have decided to help the FOOD FOR IBIZA organization, which does a remarkable job supporting the families who face difficulties in Ibiza.

For many different reasons, this island means a lot to us; therefore, we care a lot for its inhabitants.

The people who work and live here contribute to preserving the exceptional and unique identity of Ibiza. The Ibiza people and kids are the future of this magical island, so we have to take care of them. We have created a Non-Profit Label exclusively dedicated to this cause and project, and all the profits will be donated to the

FOOD FOR IBIZA association.

The principle is simple : unite as many artists as possible to create music and create a direct beneficial impact in the community. We´ve decided to name the project GIVING.

And we did it. We thought to start with forty artist and the list just got bigger and bigger