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[VLS05] VA – V as Peace EP out soon

June 26, 2020

Evano & Nitz

[VLS05] VA - "V as Peace EP"

After 4 dancefloor oriented EPs, the penguins take a nap.. Expect some downtempo, ambient and experimental sounds from all over the world for this new release. Total playtime 52min. 200 copies Ltd.

“downtempo, ambient and experimental sounds”


VLS05 . VA – V for Peace EP

A1. His Inorganic Being – Sub-project-58
A2. Dices – Drawing a Blank
A3. Burago Jurchanie
A4. Nitz – Antinode
A5. Koyil SG Dub
B1. Evano – Grandel_s Musyc
B2. Koyil – Moondog
B3. Astral Conspiracy – Interstellar Rain
B4. IRS – Arp Way There
B5. IRS – Bowel Movement
B6. Sasha Nevolin – Advice Sharing