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Artist bio

Walrus is a quixotic DJ and producer hailing from Brussels that revels in idiosyncratic club music. His DJ-sets are carefully crafted assaults on what club music is often perceived to be. Walrus is not afraid to unbalance and dislocate his audience, confronting people with his de nition of intent, groove and musical space, building up a quirky tension that is as serious as it is open-minded. He uses the power of imagination to hold back the night, to charm motorways and surf on beta waves.

His record label Basic Moves is an adventurous journey through the outer limits of house, techno and electro. Fresh or old tracks, current or unreleased gems, the Basic Moves imprint rephrases sounds and influences spanning multiple generations while keeping an outsider’s spirit at heart.

Walrus spends his time away from the stage putting in hours of studio work, used to help out the legendary Brussels record shop Dr Vinyl but now takes care of the second-hand section at Crevette Records, adhering to a relentless routine of searching for new, exciting music, and last but not least, being involved in promoting underground club culture in Brussels and beyond.

Upcoming events

Basic moves consists of Deg, Walrus, islas, Francis99, Boudewijn Ericx, Eva Claus, Michael Stordeur, Jakob, Gurl and friends. They call themselves musical outsiders who share a real dedication to underground clubbing, always on an adventurous journey through the outer limits of house, techno and electro.

The connections and friendships made by working on releases, chronicles and events. Also all the people we met along the way, a lot of whom have become close friends. Being able to archive some important music and stories on a vinyl format that might otherwise have been swept away with the wind.

We try to be as true to ourselves as possible, whether it’s in the music we listen to, the things we attend or buy, or the projects we support. Sometimes this means going against the stream, sometimes it might be counter-productive but deep down it’s worth it.