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Katie Drover:

Melbourne’s Pioneering Sonic Architect of House Excellence

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Inside Out Ep – Katie Drover

Katie Drover

Inside Out


Few artists have touched the sound of Serialism like Katie Drover. Deep beyond all measure. Ethereal. Pure. Hailing from Melbourne but now living in Berlin, Katie – also head of the finest Dokutoku Records – is one of our favourites out there, and she’s back with “Inside Out” EP, another classy and elegant release. On the remix side, we welcome maestro Maher Daniel who makes his Serialism debut with a hefty remix.

Kicking off with “Done Deal”, the track unveils along rigid 909 patterns and resonating synths, shimmering and evolving spectacularly throughout its length, whilst “Inside Outside” crosses breakbeat patterns with pulsating basslines, analog pads, and terrific atmospheres.

On the flip, The Other Side boss Maher Daniel takes the lead with a dried-out, dreamlike version of “Nothing Special”, reducing things to a minimum by relying on jazzy minimal drum patterns and chords to guide you through the early morning light . Rounding out the package, the beatless “Dawdling” is everything you need to think about the journey you just witnessed.

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Katie Drover – Spring [SOB017]

Katie Drover

Spring ( [SOB017]



Katie Drover – Lollypop EP

Katie Drover

Lollypop EP


Something very special has been unleashed on Earth.

WE R THE ALIENS’ run of futuristic house, minimal and electronica continues with its third release “Twisties/Lollypop EP” by Melbourne’s finest Just Jack and Katie Drover. 

The newest aliens deliver 6 magnificent cuts on a split EP, ranging from delicate minimal to wonky breakbeat floor fillers.

Resonet Music curator Jack Nelson kicks things off with “Twisties”, a heavy low-end minimal groove, pairing spacey synths with ethereal voices and nimble melodies. “Ergust Discovers Computer Music” ventures further from the opening track and is straight out of the bleepy, sci-fi minimal handbook. The EP’s highlight, “Poast Pfil” is a proper tease – with more upbeat and rapid tone, expressing varying degrees of enthusiasm for the possibility of intelligent life in the universe.

On the flip side Dokutoku mistress Katie Drover shows off incredible dystopian landscapes with enough subtle changes to make each track a journey in itself. From minimal, to electro, and drum & bass – Katie Drover dropped it all! The opening track “Lollypop” does a wonderful job of setting up the tone with a steady groove and a delicate touch, while “Make UP” is about as impressive and tonnes-heavy as you can get. A spiralling electro roller that rises and falls without any fuss. Last but not least “Paw Paw” lives up to its name. This fractured beat is a near-perfect five minute workout that jolts and sizzles.

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Katie Drover remix for Moody Waters

Katie Drover remix 


Diffuse Reality


Artist: Moody Waters
Title: Suspending Disbelief
Remixes: Mary Yalex, Katie Drover & Tomi Chair
Format: CD

All CD orders include two Diffuse Reality stickers and digital downloads of the full release.

New Artists: Atree, Katie Drover, Kino

Rings of Neptune welcomes Atree, Katie Drover and Kino.

The three new additions to our roster are all based in Berlin, but are from three very distinct corners of the world: Germany, Australia and Uruguay. They also explore different corners of the electronic music spectrum, and possess equal measurements talent.

— Olli’s (atree) passion for music started with putting together mixed CDs for friends and himself when he was a teenager. His interest in vinyl and the surrounding culture started in 2003 after getting in touch with the reggae / dub scene these days. Olli started his solo project atree in 2013 and since then he released his music on Pluie/Noir, Arpège, Veniceberg, Shotgun and many others.

Pleasure Zone, Carpet and Snares, Subsonic Music and her own Dokutoku Records, Katie Drover‘s catalog keeps growing. This mathematician turned international touring DJ has more than just 4/4 in her pocket as she flits between Australian and Europe in her quest for the perfect groove.

Kino developed his sound being a DJ resident of Phonotheque in Montevideo, Uruguay, one of South America most respected nightclubs. Now since 2019, he relocated to Berlin. Passionate for searching music and generating atmospheres, his musical taste varies from techno to electro. Allied of the unexpected and the details, his presentations invite you to transit through different pathways.

Atree — Based in Berlin, Germany
Booking info: giovanni (at) ringsofneptune.com

Katie Drover — Based in Berlin, Germany
Booking info: giovanni (at) ringsofneptune.com

Kino — Based in Berlin, Germany
Booking info: giovanni (at) ringsofneptune.com