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Inside Out Ep – Katie Drover

April 10, 2023

Katie Drover

Inside Out


Few artists have touched the sound of Serialism like Katie Drover. Deep beyond all measure. Ethereal. Pure. Hailing from Melbourne but now living in Berlin, Katie – also head of the finest Dokutoku Records – is one of our favourites out there, and she’s back with “Inside Out” EP, another classy and elegant release. On the remix side, we welcome maestro Maher Daniel who makes his Serialism debut with a hefty remix.

Kicking off with “Done Deal”, the track unveils along rigid 909 patterns and resonating synths, shimmering and evolving spectacularly throughout its length, whilst “Inside Outside” crosses breakbeat patterns with pulsating basslines, analog pads, and terrific atmospheres.

On the flip, The Other Side boss Maher Daniel takes the lead with a dried-out, dreamlike version of “Nothing Special”, reducing things to a minimum by relying on jazzy minimal drum patterns and chords to guide you through the early morning light . Rounding out the package, the beatless “Dawdling” is everything you need to think about the journey you just witnessed.

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