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Katie Drover – Lollypop EP

September 30, 2021

Katie Drover

Lollypop EP


Something very special has been unleashed on Earth.

WE R THE ALIENS’ run of futuristic house, minimal and electronica continues with its third release “Twisties/Lollypop EP” by Melbourne’s finest Just Jack and Katie Drover. 

The newest aliens deliver 6 magnificent cuts on a split EP, ranging from delicate minimal to wonky breakbeat floor fillers.

Resonet Music curator Jack Nelson kicks things off with “Twisties”, a heavy low-end minimal groove, pairing spacey synths with ethereal voices and nimble melodies. “Ergust Discovers Computer Music” ventures further from the opening track and is straight out of the bleepy, sci-fi minimal handbook. The EP’s highlight, “Poast Pfil” is a proper tease – with more upbeat and rapid tone, expressing varying degrees of enthusiasm for the possibility of intelligent life in the universe.

On the flip side Dokutoku mistress Katie Drover shows off incredible dystopian landscapes with enough subtle changes to make each track a journey in itself. From minimal, to electro, and drum & bass – Katie Drover dropped it all! The opening track “Lollypop” does a wonderful job of setting up the tone with a steady groove and a delicate touch, while “Make UP” is about as impressive and tonnes-heavy as you can get. A spiralling electro roller that rises and falls without any fuss. Last but not least “Paw Paw” lives up to its name. This fractured beat is a near-perfect five minute workout that jolts and sizzles.

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