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Berlin, DE



Artist bio

Over the past few years, Rubi has left her mark in the electronic music scene with a uniquely recognizable sound. An avid digger known for her diverse record collection, Rubi is a versatile artist who fearlessly navigates through various musical genres in her sets.

Since 2020, Rubi has been based in Berlin and joined Rings of Neptune in the first batch of artists. Her performances range from ambient and downtempo sets at venues like Club der Visionäre, Plantasia and Dimensions Festival to peak-hour performances at clubs like Tresor, Hoppetosse, and KitKat Club.

Together with Cleymoore and Nies, she curates Rings of Neptune’s own Feedback Waves, a reissue label to give standout releases from the past their first appearance on vinyl. Renowned as a connoisseur of underground and forgotten music, Rubi’s passion for uncovering hidden gems is also showcased on her YouTube channel, a platform she uses to share her curiosity for musical exploration. 

On Refuge Worldwide she co-hosts the monthly show ‘Musical Autobiographies’, inviting fellow artists to share their life stories through ten tracks which influenced their journey. Together with Ben Flock, one of her co-hosts, she’s also producing music under their joint moniker Flubi Doo, with their first EP coming out soon.

Having co-founded the Barcelona event series Kommuna and the vinyl-only label Kommuna Tapes in 2015, Rubi has been showcasing and releasing some of the most celebrated artists of the scene for nearly a decade. In 2018, Rubi ventured to Asia in search of new creative avenues and established Out Of Sight  as a groundbreaking event series in Yangon, Myanmar. By curating a unique community centered around underground electronic music on vinyl, her efforts transformed the local scene as the only monthly event hosting international artists.

Irrespective of location or time, Rubi’s sets are a testament to her dedication to stand out from the ordinary through ever-evolving rhythms, unconventional drum patterns, and immersive melodic elements, offering audiences a captivating journey through the uncharted territories of electronic music.

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