Terra Talks // Dance Portrait: Pieter Jansen

Terra Talks // Dance Portrait: Pieter Jansen


ABI – Trommel InSession 075

Trommel InSession 075 


RA+RE co-founder ABI has certainly put Paris on the map when it comes to upfront after parties. Being the driving force behind Breakfast Club and of course her female only label has placed ABI and her crew at the centre of a very exciting time for Paris, female artists, and electronic music as a whole.

Shifting between a myriad of genres, styles, moods and emotions ABI couples raw hi hats, modular synths with bumpy basslines into an unheard pastiche of sound. For those that have caught her in action will know that there is no telling what grooves lie around the next corner but be sure that you will probably never have heard it before. We are obviously very happy to welcome ABI to our InSession series and we have a feeling this will be one you return to time and time again.

Penelope releases on For Playful Manners


"For Playful Manners"

Black Haze by Cleymoore




Cleymoore’s interpretation of Black Haze, through the worlds of ambient, experimental, idm and left-field electronics.

Denis Kaznacheev releases album on Nervmusic

Denis Kaznacheev

Dream Farm



A1. Roger Penrose
A2. You Are Not Alone
B1. Not That Damn Serious
C1. Lex Fridman
D1. Street Kid
E2. Quadruple-Shape-Memory
F1. My Best Friends Machines
F2. Landau Two-Fluid
E1. Feynman’s Superfluidity


Written and produced by Denis Kaznacheev.
Mastering and cutting by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle.
Artwork by Igor Skaletsky.
Worldwide distribution by Word and Sound.
Nervmusic Records © 2022

Kaltblut mix by Tripmastaz

About the mix, Tripmastaz says: “This mix is the final or better say focal point of my vinyl digging adventures of the last year. Most of this records are coming from early/mid nineties, some of them been digitised and then slightly edited by myself. Mix starts off with this little edit we made a few years back with Ricardo Villalobos, and along the way there’s a track from my new label’s Respect The Craft first release which will be out within a few months.”

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