Four years in the making, Duct Tape Project is the new brainchild of Tripmastaz in the realms of Trip-hop and Downtempo. And it’s a project that makes perfect sense to anyone familiar with Andrei’s background (making Hip-Hop beats since his teenage years), musical capabilities and decades-long experience. Duct Tape Project joins Andrei with a troupe of stellar musicians not only from many different corners of the world but also from acutely distinct genres – Guti, Argenis Brito, Mad Dim, Denis Kaznacheev, Krussia, Damien Vandesande of DOP, Sarkis Ricci, Andrey Orenstein, and vocals by Inga.


Featuring all sorts of live instruments, drum machines, synthesizers and modular systems, Duct Tape Project brings forward a complex work brimming with musicality. Using Hip-Hop, not only its rhythmic structures but also its sampling techniques, as a foundation, Tripmastaz created a vibrant and fascinating ecosystem with enough sonic texture to leave one captivated, enraptured and lost at the edge of words. There are 13 musical compositions in total that explore all things Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Chill Pop and Lounge, forming a cohesive and deeply soulful album.

The double LP is available on the main run of regular black vinyl and two limited editions of 30 copies on splatter vinyl and blue marble vinyl. Exquisitely mastered at Tripmastering and distributed worldwide by another.round, the new sub-division of BRT Distribution.

Orbiting Souls with Rubi & Cleymoore

Rubi & Cleymoore

Orbiting Souls


Good friends of Orbiting Souls and notorious diggers Rubi & Cleymoore deliver a dreamy downtempo drive, representing the sound of @ringsofneptune.
No more words are needed. Tune in <3

Recorded @ D59B Berlin

Artwork by Gal Sherizly

FF Mixtape #176: Cleymoore

FF Mixtape #176


Sit back, press play, and let Cleymoore take you on a 5-hour ambient trip. 

For FF Mixtape #176, Bruno curated a 50-track compilation of his favorite IDM-esque tracks that inspire and move him.

“I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I did putting it together. It is my musical Eden.”

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