Far Beyond by Nies

I dream of places
far beyond
the world has changed
are you going to protect me
I choose my words carefully
I wonder
what did I want to forget
how should we live
in old forms
entired planet
we are coming from the same
make it better

Composition & Voice Nies
Mastering David Gluck
Visual Eyekino


XLR8R Podcast 832 – Rubi

As a DJ Rubi has been touring across Europe for years now, earning a reputation as a connoisseur of forgotten music, and in 2020 she joined the Rings of Neptune agency. She co-curates Rings of Neptune’s own Feedback Waves, a reissue label to give standout releases from the past their first appearance on vinyl, and on Refuge Worldwide she co-hosts the monthly show Musical Autobiographies, inviting fellow artists to share their life stories through 10 tracks which influenced their journey.

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AirFunk 003 – Aline Umber & Maxime dB / Sweely / Welwert

AirFunk is back with a very special third release AirFunk 003! ☁️
The first tracks from the collaboration between Maxime dB & Aline Umber has found a home on the A side : Tribute to Malibu and Disco Sex Machine. On the B side we have two stellar groover from Sweely and Man/ipulate aka Welwert.
The 4 tracks are stamping once more the color of the label’s imprint with Pop & Disco influences!

AirFunk 003 (AF003)

A1. Aline Umber & Maxime dB – Tribute To Malibu
A2. Aline Umber & Maxime dB – Disco Sex Machine (ft. Machine Woman)
B1. Sweely – Do What U Want With Me
B2. Welwert – The Shooting

Order here: https://subwax.es/product/af003/