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Ljubljana, SL



Artist bio


Fine-tuning frequencies slightly above murky dancefloors and discovering new soundscapes for the inquisitive ear, Tine Vrabič a.k.a. Nitz has slowly and steadily become a household name of Slovenian electronic music. Machine generated and supplemented with field recordings, his signature sound is fundamentally drawn from the finest ambient dub techno heritage. However, it is nobly fermenting, or rather relentlessly unfolding over the past years as a unique story, traversing micro house, electro and IDM, interchanging elements of suspense, melancholy and quirky dadaism along the way.

As a member of the long-standing Slovenian collective for promoting electronic music and culture called Synaptic, Nitz has spent the last decade making music, performing and realising concerts, club nights, and other special gatherings, such as his most recent string of live machine-jam sessions for select audiences called AmbientSoup, intended to spread and present ambient music and related culture. 

The legendary Slovenian alternative venue Klub k4 has always been an important node in the musical network of Nitz. From humble beginnings as a promoter, to playing music there since 2009 as a resident DJ, he is now a veteran in this craft, seamlessly merging old and new music across a plethora of genres. Taking up the position of program manager in 2015, he has expanded his influence further and achieved new means for materialising his vision of electronic music and club culture, meanwhile contributing greatly to the scene by providing opportunity for fresh and established musical talent.

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