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Nitz – “Ankshis” release on AmbientSoup

November 25, 2020



“Ankshis ” is a micro-cosmos of complex & detailed constructions, carefully elevated through subtle movements that make all its parts feel organic and warm — a world of textural soundscapes, full of sounds both weird and beautiful. Here time stands still, like the early morning haze.

“A true reflection of AmbientSoup’s ethos. 

Ljubljana’s Tine Vrabič (Nitz), has spent most of his creative life entangled between experimental electronics and left-field club music. After this year’s stellar debut with Urška as II/III, “It could be paradise” Tine returns to the ambient soup imprint to further expand his creative vision on a distinct 4-track EP.

“The release comes with a unique riso poster (30 cm × 30 cm) by Blaž Rojs printed out with a risoprint technique.”

Written & produced: Tine Vrabič
Artwork: Blaž Rojs
Mastered in Studio Friteza by Štefan Cerjak
Synth on Gverila by Slaviša Stevanović (Evano)