Joe Delon’s Flamingo #28

“Flamingo #28 by Joe Delon”


Blancmange – John
Stereolab – Fiery Yellow
Ikonika – 435
Mrs Jynx – Extrafusion
The Soundstealers – Steal It An Deal It (Sahara Dub)
David Cassidy – Romance
Khan – Give Me More
Ease Up George – Blazin’ For Freedom
Evano – Instramental 5 (Ticola Emperica)
Lloyd Stellar – Stepping Into Chaos
Sven Väth – Harlequin Plays Bells (Alter Ego Mix)
Wayne Adams – SYS55 5
Duckett – The Asian Songbird Crisis
Go Dam – Dusty Voice
Ceephax Acid Crew – Capsule In Space


Galaxy – Come On Down To Love Street
Drance – Latex Love (Kris Baha Dub)
Paul Hardcastle – The Wizard Pt. 2
Plus Device – Body Heat
Glass Domain – Hiccups
Escaflowne – Memo (Huey Mnemonic’s Subnautic Remix)
OCB – Dataworld
Max D – Shoutout Seefeel
DJ Pipe – Lifestyle Guru
Garneau – M&P
Future Sound Of London – Calcium

Poèmes Électroniques #1 – Nies


Poèmes Électroniques #1

this is
the time
and this is
the record
of time
a new
a new
a new
we are
the spectre
of a world
that could
be free


Spoken Word Series by Nies
Mastering David Gluck
Soundscapes Luca Gluck & Nies
Visual Max Binski

Chronicles Of The 5 Senses – Kōrero

“The Chronicles of the 5 senses”

March 2020, we (artists, makers, creators, curators) are facing a major crisis in our work.
From now on, we will share our projects, experimentations, researches, productions only through a screen.
On the occasion of the launch of the Rings of Neptune
website, we wanted to share with you another vision of our artists and team.
What is making us human?
Our have five senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell are defining us as person…
How the smell of the madeleine become the madeleine of Proust?
We want to question and bring the sensitive closer to you.
Not totally a quiz but not totally an Interview, the chronicle of the 5 senses, a modest concept where artists are invited to share what is making them who they are.

Video : Léro
Speak : Bérengère Emma Seven
Soundtrack : KHMGNFF
Concept : Virna Diane // Barbara Khmgnff

Eternal Poet VA – Shōen


"Eternal Poet VA"

The new V.A. on Misbits Recordings, suitably titled “Eternal Poet,” is the label’s second excursion through the sound-art and experimental ambient realms. Familiar guests Boris Hagenbart and David Moss return for another otherworldly sonic transmission of visceral, syncopated samples, followed by Japanese duo Ohanami in an emotionally charged post-jazz exercise drenched in peaceful nostalgia. The flip-side features ten locked-grooves signed by Ohanami, Shoen, Shcaa, Smooth Operators, and REV, capturing diverse musical moments with transformative potential. The artwork is yet another puzzle piece of this utopian, peculiar ecosystem envisioned by Glitch Shop.

“Second excursion through the sound-art and experimental ambient realms. “


“Eternal Poet” further expands the vision that ambient music can be a mode of transport rather than a simple backdrop — a sophisticated world of endless possibilities.”


Nies — BLISS – Б


A beat-driven mix by Nies for BLISS – Б with tracks from Beatrice Dillon, Shanti Celeste & Saoirse, Human Space Machine, Cleymoore, Peter F. Spiess, Giraffi Dog, Denis Kaznacheev, Luca Torre, Mazzo, Thomas Grey & Liam Ebbs, Oceanic & Upsammy.
Sunshine During Nighttime Darkness
like neighboring constellations
we can serve each other
both as guides
and as company
my deepest wish
for you
is the company
of fellow lights
and the generosity
to light each other’s ways
as we each pass temporarily
into darkness