Nitz – “Ankshis” release on AmbientSoup



“Ankshis ” is a micro-cosmos of complex & detailed constructions, carefully elevated through subtle movements that make all its parts feel organic and warm — a world of textural soundscapes, full of sounds both weird and beautiful. Here time stands still, like the early morning haze.

“A true reflection of AmbientSoup’s ethos. 

Ljubljana’s Tine Vrabič (Nitz), has spent most of his creative life entangled between experimental electronics and left-field club music. After this year’s stellar debut with Urška as II/III, “It could be paradise” Tine returns to the ambient soup imprint to further expand his creative vision on a distinct 4-track EP.

“The release comes with a unique riso poster (30 cm × 30 cm) by Blaž Rojs printed out with a risoprint technique.”

Written & produced: Tine Vrabič
Artwork: Blaž Rojs
Mastered in Studio Friteza by Štefan Cerjak
Synth on Gverila by Slaviša Stevanović (Evano)

The MUDD Show – Cleymoore and Eris

The MUDD Show is a media platform and event series, hosting livestreams and physical gatherings at carefully selected intimate venues. Highlighting and elevating artists on the periphery is central to our mission.

Berlin’s well esteemed club Hoppetosse/CDV facilitated & allowed The MUDD Show to bring the club to your screens during these unprecedented times, inviting incredible talents both old and new.

Cleymoore and Eris played during different MUDD Show Streams earlier this year. You can check out both their sets below, now in HD. Don’t forget to support the The Mudd Show guys by sending a little donation. Follow The MUDD Show to stay up to date with their next endeavors:

Basic Moves 14 – Adi


"Basic Moves 14"



With her DJing and creative project Automagically on hiatus, Adi‘s 2020 has been home to a slower kind of alchemy – the creative processing of two years’ worth of musical sense impressions into the basic fact of a needle on a record.

” Basic Moves presents you this vinyl only debut album of Colombia’s finest underground dj and producer. “


Adi herself explains the many emotions and headspaces influencing her process: the self-reflective loop of lockdown, the ebb and flow of working alone and with others, the despair of conflict and endings, the dizzy optimism of a Don Cherry album. Now these feeling-frequencies can be heard even louder around the globe.

Our dear Walrus tells the story best:

“Adi picked me up from El Dorado airport around Christmas 2018. I remember that moment stuck in a hot summer traffic jam, both of us laughing at the rattling from the trunk of her dad’s car – good ears! That evening we played outside under a lemon tree at one of the first Automagicalley events, a wonderful b2b full of curiosity and honesty about art, spirituality and life. Fast forward through some Europe trips – of course including a Basic Moves party – and we arrive at this mini album. The fruit of half a year of friendly exchange between Adi, me and our magical mix engineer Chris ‘Funk’ Ferreira, it reveals Adi’s authentic spirit – always moving, forever creating and endlessly believing.”

Denis Kaznacheev – Keep It Tight

“Denis Kaznacheev – Keep It Tight – Interstellar Travel Guide Volume I.”

Filmed Footage Denis Kaznacheev
Track Denis Kaznacheev

Remix Video Eyekino
Production Rings of Neptune

Break The Glass: Kit I


Break The Glass

In Case of Emergency 

Personalised mental health tools from the Rings of Neptune staff & artists

Tool Kit I: Cleymoore


Unprecedented times we are living. 2020 has been a year full of unprecedented challenges on a global scale. Not that humanity hasn’t lived darker times throughout its tumultuous evolutionary past, of course. Still, the viral loudness of social media and the sheer extent of our overpopulated capitalist culture makes any catastrophe seem like an omen to the end of times.

Global Warming, Mass Pollution, Politics, COVID-19, Racism, White Supremacy, Police Brutality, Cancel Culture, Big-Pharma, Conspiracy Theories, Nuclear Competition, Unemployment, Inflated Real-Estate, Patriarchy… the list could go on. All these issues play a role in creating an ever-growing ball of anxiety that weighs on our shoulders, a weight that can be extremely toling to one’s psyche.

Depression and anxiety are very much rampant among humans and are as deadly as most airborne viruses. And even though the degree of stigma surrounding mental health has been decreasing, it’s still very much a taboo for most. Its silent character separates it from typical physical illnesses, so we tend to devalue the pain it afflicts. A good friend of mine took her own life back in September. She was a beautiful, sweet, and extremely creative person, and none of us will ever know what kind of pain led her to commit suicide. It made me realize our most threatening global pandemic might be, in fact, depression.

During this summer, I’ve made a list of 52 albums that, throughout the years, helped me find my light and see hope in the despair. They did, and always will, save my life. This selection, spanning from ambient to experimental electronica, classical to new age or even post-rock, is purposely un-ordered as I can’t precisely order their emotional significance to me. The records I chose are all executed and recorded in a state I consider beautifully pure. In their vast majority solely instrumental, they provided me the capacity to appreciate life when life itself seemed insufficient.

I hope this selection can bring you some light in these dark times and slow up your mind’s pace. We need to slow down to listen to slow music.

This is my “Break the Glass — In Case of Emergency” kit to you:

Hiroshi Yoshimura
‘Green’ (1986)
AIR Records Inc

Ash Ra Tempel
‘New Age of Earth’ (1976)

‘Substrata’ (1997)

R. Lovisoni & F. Messina
‘Prati Bagnati Del Monte Analogo’ (1979)
Cramps Records

Voyage Futur
‘Inner Sphere’ (2020)

Brian Eno & Jon Hassel 
‘Fourth World Vol. 1/2 ‘ (1980)
Editions EG

Tangerine Dream
‘Phaedra’ (1974)

“there exists a field known as music therapy, but for now this record may be useful for those who may be suffering from insomnia.” 

— Hiroshi Yoshimura

Harold Budd, Robin Guthrie & Eraldo Bernocchi
‘Winter Garden’ (2011)

Fennesz & Sakamoto
‘Cendre’ (2007)

Geinoh Yamashirogumi
‘Ecophony Rinne’ (1986)

“’Sleep’ is my personal lullaby for a frenetic world – a manifesto for a slower pace of existence

— Max Richter

‘Endless Summer’ (2001)

Daniel Schmidt & The Berkeley Gamelan
‘In My Arms, Many Flowers’ (2016)

Midori Takada
‘Tree of Life’ (1999)

Phillip Glass
‘Glassworks’ (1986)

Matthias Frey
‘Onyx’ (1982)

‘Hyper Light Drifter’ (2016)

Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto 
‘Summvs’ (2011)

Brian Eno
‘Ambient 1-4’ (1978-82)

“Ambient music must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting.

— Brian Eno

Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek
‘Bird, Lake, Objects’ — 2010

Oneohtrix Point Never
‘Returnal’ — 2010
Editions Mego

Murcof & Vanessa Wagner
‘Statea’ — 2016

“We’re suffering from brain fade. We need an occasional catastrophe to break up the incessant bombardment of information… The flow is constant… Only a catastrophe gets our attention.” 

— William Basinski

Visible Cloaks
‘Reassemblage’ — 2017
Rvng Intl.

How To Disappear Completely
Mer de Revs I/II/III’ — 2017

Harold Budd 
‘Luxa’ — 1996
All Saints

Boards of Canada 
‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ — 2013

Bohren & Der Club of Gore
‘Patchouli Blue’ — 2020

Yasuaki Shimizu
‘Kakashi’ — 1986
Better Days

Laurel Halo 
‘Quarantine’ — 2012

Jun Fukamachi
‘Nicole’ — 1986
Nicole Company Limited

“I have been trying to express ki-do-ai-raku (the four emotions; joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness) through music. I would like to express even one’s hidden emotion with reality. It’s my eternal goal”

— Susumu Yokota

About Cleymoore:

Bruno Santos is a graphic designer, DJ and producer based in Berlin. He’s also the owner and curator of the Pluie/Noir collective, and co-manager of Rings of Neptune.

— More info here

[PNEM04] Shōen — Plant.æ

Shōen — Plant.æ

"Pluie/Noir 04"

Dear Listeners,

This album was created as a reflection of my dreams. It was produced in one week, spontaneously, using only my modular system and the organelle. The music you hear in dreams is often very hard to remember, but through a lot of meditation, I found a way to translate it. A few years ago I made the choice to live by the sea, where I can sustain myself and get inspiration from the birds, the fishes, and kinky little crabs. That’s exactly what I tried to convey in this album: my own little world. They say inspiration comes from your quality of life, and I believe in this deeply! That’s why I’d like to thank all the people who directly or indirectly helped me in my artistic and human development.

First of all, to my own blood: I’m really grateful to have my mum, dad and my sister’s daily and unconditional support.

I’d like to thank Bruno and Pluie/Noir, for allowing me to express myself on this beautiful project, and for believing in me. A big thank you to my friends: to Louise, who gave me a lot of inspiration and without whom this album wouldn’t be the same. To Întuneric, the Piñata Radio team, Nathalia, Kompo, Sabri, Paul, Johnny, Emmanuelle & Sammy, Pazu & all the friends that I missed here (you know who you are): Thank you for your continuous support and all the inspiration you provided me during this process. And finally, a huge thanks to Alexis, without you I wouldn’t have started to make my own music. Love you man.

Shout out to the universe for giving me this chance, and let’s all meet up in the astral dimension!

(づ ̄³ ̄)づ 

Released November 6, 2020

Mastered by Pheek
Artwork & Design by Max Binski

Experimental Media
PNEM004 — 2020

Track Shōen 荘園 – N7 Sentimental 
Feat- Louise

Filmed & edit Eyekino
Dress Francky Kalalo
Rings of Neptune Production

Denis Kaznacheev mix on Trommel

Trommel.102 – Denis Kaznacheev


Details of Russian artist Denis Kaznacheev’s recent and ongoing legal battle have been well documented across the underground so it is great to a true hero of our community back performing and creating. With a tireless team of cohorts surrounding him Denis’ Nervmusic imprint has continued to flourish and represent him even while on lockdown.

Having recently premiered his most up to date productions we are thrilled to finally welcome Denis to our podcast series where he turns in a suitably sterling mix jam-packed with leftfield minimalism, deeper shades of house, and some secret weapons that will likely remain that way for some time. The much-loved artist embodies the true artistic side of the genre we call home and the meandering and highly nuanced journey bleeds from his productions effortlessly into his DJ sets. Denis’ mix for the 102nd edition of our longrunning podcast is an ideal snapshot of this exciting artist that has much more to say.

Article on Trommel