Nitz fabric x Klub K4 Mix

Nitz fabric x Klub K4 Mix



Trust us: once the world starts to return to normal, you need to add Ljubljana to your list of party destinations. The main reason for this is to check Klub K4, a beloved gem that’s been the bedrock of Slovenia’s underground scene for the last three decades. The booking policy heavily focusses on local talent from selectors and live acts through to VJs, though with up to 150 events running through the year, they still find space for the odd Sugar Free or Truly Madly. Dedicated house artists like this shine at K4, but you could just as easily hear electro, techno, drum & bass, UKG or hip-hop depending on the night and room you stumble into. As for the crowd, ask the countless artists who describe the energy inside as unlike anywhere else in the world.

Klub K4 programmer and resident DJ Nitz stepped in for his home club with a mix of ghostly electro and IDM cuts, the kind of thing you might expect to hear early morning inside the Ljubljana institution.

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Joe Delon Welt Discos launches with And.rea EP

joe delon welt discos

Welt Discos 01:
‘Coco Bongo Club EP’ by And.rea 

Welt Discos is a new label run by Joe Delon in partnership with leading Lisbon record shop and distributor Carpet & Snares. Home to its own imprints as well as affiliated Portuguese labels such as Dream Ticket and Light Channel Records, Carpet & Snares has become a hub for house and techno on vinyl in Lisbon. What began as a friendship between Joe, owner Jorge Caiado and Dream Ticket boss Rui Ferreira aka Roy, has now become a professional relationship in the shape of Welt Discos, a new sub-label run by Joe and distributed by Carpet.

Welt’s first release comes courtesy of Varese-based producer And.rea, well-known from releases on Melliflow, LMML and Yay. The ‘Coco Bongo Club EP’ (named after the venue in the film ‘The Mask’) arrives approximately a year after the idea was first discussed when Joe booked Andrea to play at 5A Club in Lisbon. 5A is that rare thing in the Portuguese capital: a small capacity club with a superlative sound system and warm atmosphere, just right for Andrea’s playful-but-thoughtful selection and style. 

That same combination of seriousness and humour is present on the three tracks of this record – be it the beefy walking bassline of ‘The World Is Alive’, the light-touch chords that temper the forward march of ‘Tribal Militia’, or the jazzy cadences and beat structure of ‘Luzes Do Rio’. Andrea and Joe went through an enjoyable process of back-and-forth to arrive at these three tracks, which complement each other harmonically while traversing genres and moods. There are echoes of vintage Random Factor and Herbert, while still sounding distinctly Andrea’s own.


Another vital part of the project is the design by Costa Brava, a friend of Joe’s responsible for the label’s visual identity and individual release artworks. The design for WLTD001 is a riot of graffiti that riffs joyfully off the label’s explicitly pop aesthetic.

The track ‘Luzes Do Rio’ appears in Gwenan‘s Tribute to Alex T mix from earlier this year:

‘Coco Bongo Club’ can be pre-ordered now on Bandcamp, and will be shipping out in November:

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Interstellar Travel Guide – Volume II

Rings of

Travel Guide
Volume II


To celebrate our debut, we gathered all our artists and challenged them to create music unbounded by genre-specific constrictions. “Interstellar Travel Guide” is a two-part compilation featuring the agency’s 24 artists, and showcases a versatile array of music ranging from spoken vocals & ambient drones to exploratory techno. ‘Volume II’ is the compilation’s beat-driven façade, assembling 12 compositions of distinct genres from the ever-expanding electronic music spectrum, from explorative minimal to contemplative techno.

“Assembling 12 compositions of distinct genres from the ever-expanding electronic music spectrum, from explorative minimal to contemplative techno.”

“Interstellar Travel Guide” is exclusively available on Bandcamp in both digital and limited-edition cassette format. In solidarity with recent protests against police racism and brutality, and in honour of the Stonewall riots of 1969, we’ll also be donating our revenue during the next two months to black-, trans- and queer-led anti-discrimination organizations committed to long-term systemic change, political education, and engagement within the communities such as NAACP, Black Visions Collective and Queer Refugees Germany. 





Words by Denise Gluck

“Installation with plants, glass and ceramics to highlight the beautiful products of PATYKA.” 



PLUIES is a sonic and performative project by artist Pauline Mikó, aiming to strengthen the relationship between plants, nature and the human being. Through a system of sensors and electrodes connected to the leaves of the plants and the body of the artist, the bio-electric exchange set up is transformed into sound, thanks to a modular synthesizer.

The sound waves are then modulated to produce music, both for the ears of the spectators but also for the plants themselves. This system of electrodes, created by the artist, allows the expression of the energies of multiple plants simultaneously.

By merging nature and technology, Pauline Mikó offers us an original and sensory experience. The artist tries to give back a legitimate place to plants in our urban lives. By enhancing our connection to our environment, the idea is to understand its fragility and the importance of respecting it. The main intention of the artist is to put organic life back in the center of our communities and allow a dialogue with Nature.

 “The main intention is to put organic life back in the center of our communities and allow a dialogue with Nature.” 


For this event, Pauline Mikó set up a very special installation with plants, glass and ceramics in order to highlight the beautiful products of PATYKA.

PLUIES did research in PATYKA Products, each product has it’s own character, which she translated in her performance to a sonic identity for the beauty products.
The new line launch presents a range of organic products, which are plant based.



Performance on September 22, 2020

Concept space by Midi La Nuit
Products by  PATYKA
Plants by Tom des Fleurs /  Bleuetcoquelicot
Photo & Video Eyekino

True out of Brew – Denis Kaznacheev

Denis Kaznacheev

"True Out of Brew"



“True Out of Brew” is an EP stating Denis’s current situation: being accused of a crime he didn’t commit.”

The title track ‘True Out of Brew’ fills the A-side of the record with a clear message that Denis is a musician at heart, while ‘From the Best Sources’ is the last track he created just before his equipment was taken from him upon arrest. Denis used his own voice in both tracks, making this a very personal, career-defining EP. As usual, both tracks are long excursions familiar to those following Denis’s creative output.”

A. True Out of Brew 13:56
B. From the Best Sources 12:19

Written & produced by denis-kaznacheev
Mastered by Lopazz
Cut by Kitaro Beeh
Artwork Lala Vaganova
Design by Max Binski
A&R by Andrea Martinez & Denise Gluck
Distributed by WordandSound
JFD001 by Rotate, 2020



B1 – Denis Kaznacheev – From The Best Sources 

As well as the timing of this EP the fact that this is the first release that Denis has used his own voice and listening to the B1 ‘From The Best Sources’ makes us wonder why he has waited so long. Of course, it is not an easy thing to use your own voice as an artist and it takes a lot of balls to develop confidence in your own voice. However, like we said before Denis shouldn’t have waited so long. The swaggering groove and off-kilter musical elements suit Denis’s fluid Russian accent and with his musings on his preferred source of smoking material the abstract reduced grooves weave effortlessly between each other.

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Intrinsic 32 • Shōen 荘園

To sit in space, to be in peace and drift outside of time, is the gift of sonic experience. Like opening up a book of sounds, Shõen narrates a story that is just as much about wonder and expansion, as it is fragility and introspection. Captured by its feeling of freedom and subtle qualities, once the door to the boundless world of ambient opened up to him he began to look for ways in which sound can be used to uplift and revitalise the mind and body.

Dimensions of emotion blossom open like the first flower of Spring – engulfed by the constant processes of death, rebirth, resistance, and yielding, it flows together like a verdant tonic for the soul. Bearing witness to the sequences of passages, they open and close like distant passing scenes. The sky turns blue and purple, the quiet moon folds into itself on the face of the lake, and unknown constellations above watch down with a knowing light.



DXLREC003 / Pressure Point – Wrong System EP

Pressure Point - Wrong System EP


Parisian label DXL Records signs a new exciting release in collaboration with Pressure Point, rising star of the italian scene. He delivers three elegant dancefloor weapons. Showing his ease to navigate between energetic house and delicate techno with some mystical minimal touches, he shows a part of his complex yet fascinating musical universe. The release is completed by a Spacetravel remix in which the wizard makes a deep invitation to get lost in trippy modular sounds.

“Fascinating musical universe


A1 – Pressure Point – Timepiece 

Pressure point joins the experienced roster of producers, reviving his more experimental alias after three sold-out releases, including the previously featured D:fferent Place. ‘Timepiece’ showcases the versatility of his productions in this emotive banger.

Dreamy, uplifting synths gleam in conversation with a shifty bassline that could slot delightfully into a peak time DJ Masda set. Drum sounds are sharp, with a mean swing bringing a dusty, raw contrast to the euphoric mood of the track.

Timbres host a classic, retro aesthetic that takes ear with a multitude of scenes. Early support comes from Petre Inspirescu, setting the tone with ‘Timepiece’ at last year’s Epizode festival. Melodies have inoffensive and uplifting energy, shaping neat acid lines and featherweight string pads.

‘Wrong System’ ventures into darker, menacing territories, with an eerie wind chime melody springing above a paranoid bassline. ‘Tom Cat’ adds more depth to the release with a deep, heads down workout, alongside a ferocious remix from Spacetravel.

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IIk Onkar: One with everything

IIk Onkar
“One with everything”

According to old yogic scriptures, everything in this Universe consists of vibration. Honouring the sense of hearing, the vibration of sound and manifest human creation, IIk Onkar is a gathering to tune in and ground our energy to the frequencies of the cosmos. Interstellarly curated by Akal Anand & Rubi, Ik Onkar brings together audio-visual performances, sound therapy, breathwork, yoga and meditation. This name is also a symbol which means “one with everything”. 

“Ik Onkar is your own intentional experience. It’s an inquiry into sound art and its connection to your presence, your meditative mind cross into our imminent new earth. How you do one thing is how you do everything. Chose how you wish to direct your energy, awareness, and listening within the space. Experiment on how you can relate to these frequencies, and allow the cells in your body to adjust organically – no substances needed. Relate to sound with the curiosity of a new lover, feel through the energetics of it. Reinvent what being together means for you. Home is where you can be most present. We recommend you leave your phone in aeroplane mode.”


The connection to the Cosmos, as envisioned by Akal Anand & Rubi, will come to Berlin’s Michelberger Hotel this Friday the 9th of October. Hosted by Kundalini Yoga teacher Akal AnandIIk Onkar #5 will feature a live modular-synthesiser performance by Gwenan, DJ performances from Ina Fm and Rubi ツand visual performances from Harriet Davey and Paulius Daunys – bridging the worlds of sound and aural enquiry with meditation and sound art.

Blending in breathing meditations, yoga Nidra, ambient electronic music and visuals. IIk Onkar is five hours of ambience and presence. Throughout the sound performances, the healing frequencies and subtle beats in combination will allow participants to enter a deep listening inquiry. The experience will end with a gong bath and guided meditation to individually and collectively integrate. We hope all participants are really able to relax into this space, where presence is genuinely possible.

IIK ONKAR #3 at Haymney Barcelona

Yoga nidra, the yoga of dreams, creates a space between the realm of dreams and awakening. Within this experience, the body is completely relaxed, and participants become increasingly aware of their inner world, floating in a universe of their own visualisations.

The experience will end with a gong bath and guided meditation to individually and collectively integrate, creating a space where presence is genuinely possible. 

IIk Onkar #5 will happen from 18:30 to 23:30, in the Underlook Room of the Michel Berger Hotel. Space is unfortunately very limited. Please book your ticket in advance here.