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True out of Brew – Denis Kaznacheev

October 9, 2020

Denis Kaznacheev

"True Out of Brew"



“True Out of Brew” is an EP stating Denis’s current situation: being accused of a crime he didn’t commit.”

The title track ‘True Out of Brew’ fills the A-side of the record with a clear message that Denis is a musician at heart, while ‘From the Best Sources’ is the last track he created just before his equipment was taken from him upon arrest. Denis used his own voice in both tracks, making this a very personal, career-defining EP. As usual, both tracks are long excursions familiar to those following Denis’s creative output.”

A. True Out of Brew 13:56
B. From the Best Sources 12:19

Written & produced by denis-kaznacheev
Mastered by Lopazz
Cut by Kitaro Beeh
Artwork Lala Vaganova
Design by Max Binski
A&R by Andrea Martinez & Denise Gluck
Distributed by WordandSound
JFD001 by Rotate, 2020



B1 – Denis Kaznacheev – From The Best Sources 

As well as the timing of this EP the fact that this is the first release that Denis has used his own voice and listening to the B1 ‘From The Best Sources’ makes us wonder why he has waited so long. Of course, it is not an easy thing to use your own voice as an artist and it takes a lot of balls to develop confidence in your own voice. However, like we said before Denis shouldn’t have waited so long. The swaggering groove and off-kilter musical elements suit Denis’s fluid Russian accent and with his musings on his preferred source of smoking material the abstract reduced grooves weave effortlessly between each other.

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