Feedback Waves 001 – Palomatic

Feedback Waves – the new imprint from independent label Rings of Neptune – is proud to present Trill, the first and only album by Palomatic. Almost thirty years after its original release on CD in 1995, this beautiful nine-track work is now available on vinyl for the first time.

Palomatic is an alias of Koji Takahashi, an active member of the bubbling Japanese electronic music scene of the early-to-mid 90s. Besides his solo work, he was a core member of Takahashi Tektronix (with Nic Yoshizawa) and Mutron (with Kiyoshi Hazemoto, aka Interferon), as well as working as a synth programmer for supergroup Denki Groove.


Following the release of his debut track ‘Halo’ on Syzygy Records in 1993, Takahashi made a series of contributions to compilations on the scene-defining Transonic label. His first and only full-length album, Trill, combined these tracks with original material to form an absorbing and versatile standalone statement of the Palomatic sound.

From the oscillating lilt of ‘Flutter’, which opens proceedings at a measured 104bpm, through to the symphonic epilogue of ‘Soar’, Trill is rooted in the fertile territory between organic and synthetic sounds – ground that was nourishing the work of many likeminded producers worldwide at the time. West Coast psychedelia and East Coast funk, the moody bass weight of Bristol trip-hop and Sheffield bleep, and the chemical rush of German techno and Belgian trance: with a distinctly Japanese sensibility, Trill drew these strands together into an elegant musical tapestry. The result is timeless – indeed, album centrepiece ‘Foaming Waves’ would sound right at home on the faster-paced dancefloors of today.


This double LP features an alternative artwork by Feedback Waves co-founder Max Binski.

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[PNEM04] Shōen — Plant.æ

Shōen — Plant.æ

"Pluie/Noir 04"

Dear Listeners,

This album was created as a reflection of my dreams. It was produced in one week, spontaneously, using only my modular system and the organelle. The music you hear in dreams is often very hard to remember, but through a lot of meditation, I found a way to translate it. A few years ago I made the choice to live by the sea, where I can sustain myself and get inspiration from the birds, the fishes, and kinky little crabs. That’s exactly what I tried to convey in this album: my own little world. They say inspiration comes from your quality of life, and I believe in this deeply! That’s why I’d like to thank all the people who directly or indirectly helped me in my artistic and human development.

First of all, to my own blood: I’m really grateful to have my mum, dad and my sister’s daily and unconditional support.

I’d like to thank Bruno and Pluie/Noir, for allowing me to express myself on this beautiful project, and for believing in me. A big thank you to my friends: to Louise, who gave me a lot of inspiration and without whom this album wouldn’t be the same. To Întuneric, the Piñata Radio team, Nathalia, Kompo, Sabri, Paul, Johnny, Emmanuelle & Sammy, Pazu & all the friends that I missed here (you know who you are): Thank you for your continuous support and all the inspiration you provided me during this process. And finally, a huge thanks to Alexis, without you I wouldn’t have started to make my own music. Love you man.

Shout out to the universe for giving me this chance, and let’s all meet up in the astral dimension!

(づ ̄³ ̄)づ 

Released November 6, 2020

Mastered by Pheek
Artwork & Design by Max Binski

Experimental Media
PNEM004 — 2020

Track Shōen 荘園 – N7 Sentimental 
Feat- Louise

Filmed & edit Eyekino
Dress Francky Kalalo
Rings of Neptune Production

Rotate 007 – Luc Ringeisen & Suburbial – Jamming

Luc Ringeisen & Suburbial



“Rotate’s seventh release brings a collaborative project between in-house artist Luc Ringeisen and newcomer on the label, Suburbial.”

[Rotate007] Luc Ringeisen & Suburbial

‘Jamming’ 12″

A1 Skyline – Aktivität (09:57)
B1 Simple et Precis (06:15)
B2 Bonhomme de Chemin (06:14)

Written & produced by Luc Ringeisen & Javier Baz
Mastered by Lopazz
Artwork & Design by Max Binski
A&R by Andrea Martinez & Denise Gluck 
Manufactured at RAND Muzik
Distributed by Word and Sound Distribution
Rotate Recordings 2020

Walrus, Dj.booth – “Listen To The Basic Moves” out now!

DJ.Booth & Walrus —
"Listen to the Basic Moves"

Basic Moves are teaming up with Listen! Festival again for the 3rd year in a row to curate a stage presenting artists from the past and new talent for the future. This year’s promotional tool is something tactile and very common in the Basic Moves world… It’s a 12” vinyl record!

All of the benefits of this record will go to Liaison Antiprohibitioniste (, an association for people affected by drug policies. It brings together those who are confronted with the problems caused by the prohibition of certain drugs. All are convinced, from their experience, of the need to implement an alternative policy to prohibitionism.

The A-Side features 2 tracks from Casablanca-born, now Brussels-based Driss Bennis aka OCB aka Dj.Booth from the now already legendary Moroccan label Casa Voyager

The first track is a proper banger for the peak time hours of the after hours, while the second track on the A-side is a broken beat stepper like only Driss can make. 

B-side features 2 tracks by Basic Moves’ own Walrus dating from 8 years ago coming from a lost demo asked by a big UK label but that never left his hard drive. B1 was made barefoot and is heavily inspired by early Omar S and the rougher sounds of US house. B2 is an ode to the city he loves and hates at the same time. “Free city light” between a smile and a tear. Brussels.



official webpage
crevette records


“All of the benefits of this record will go to Liaison Antiprohibitioniste, an association for people affected by drug policies.”


Interstellar Travel Guide – Volume I out now on Bandcamp

Rings of

Travel Guide
Volume I

To celebrate our debut, we gathered all our artists and challenged them to create music unbounded by genre-specific constrictions. “Interstellar Travel Guide” is a two-part compilation featuring the agency’s 24 artists, and showcases a versatile array of music ranging from spoken vocals & ambient drones to exploratory techno. ‘Volume I’ is the compilation’s most experimental part, assembling 12 compositions of calm, awe-inspiring moments fundamentally aimed at contemplation, and meditation. Volume II will be released shortly after and will gather tracks from the other side of the spectrum, exploring rather beat-driven arrangements.

“Interstellar Travel Guide” is exclusively available on Bandcamp in both digital and limited-edition cassette format. In solidarity with recent protests against police racism and brutality, and in honour of the Stonewall riots of 1969, we’ll also be donating our revenue during the next two months to black-, trans- and queer-led anti-discrimination organizations committed to long-term systemic change, political education, and engagement within the communities such as NAACP, Black Visions Collective and Queer Refugees Germany. 

“12 compositions of calm, awe-inspiring moments fundamentally aimed at contemplation, and meditation.”



official webpage


New release by Akatana “VoOdoO” is out now on Bandcamp



“VoOdoO” is Akatana‘s new self-released album. With Japanese influence and notes of traditional Balinese music, voices and chants, “VoOdoO” is a listening experience of shamanic atmospheres and otherwordly sounds.

From deep, fat, techno tribal grooves to mental shaking tracks, the album is an invitation to Akatana‘s world. Included two bonus tracks with remixes of movie soundtracks from “L’amant” and “Memoirs of a Geisha”.

Get it on Bandcamp.

“Japanese influence and notes of traditional Balinese music”




[PNR013] Shampoo Douglas – Kepler 66 Hotline

Shampoo Douglas

[PNR013] Shampoo Douglas - Kepler 66 Hotline

Originally planned as the first part of a 3xLP album, ‘Kepler 66 Hotline’ is a collection of tracks deeply inspired by 90’s sci-fi infected Detroit electro, drenched in deep mellow tones, weird outer-worldly timbres and sharp drum-arrangements.

According to its creators:

“This post-apocalyptic journey is set in 2046 A.D. far out on the Kepler 66 Planet, where The Douglas Brothers (Alchemists of Sound) have now set up their inter-dimensional sonic fortress. Due to complications on Earth and a third world war breaking out, Earth’s population was forced to migrate to unknown territories. Those with pride choose to stay, while others took off to finally create their Utopias on alternate dimensions.

Insufficient Credit. Thank you for calling Kepler 66 Hotline. For more virtual space-time continuum travel, insert credit. To speak with the manager, press 1. Do nothing, and you will be automatically rebooted to reality in 30 seconds.”

Limited edition vinyl. Artwork by Santiago Mac-Auliffe.

Pluie/Noir Recordings 013
Shampoo Douglas – ‘Kepler 66 Hotline’
12″ EP

A1. ‘Thrill of Romance’
A2. ‘G Domain’
B1. ‘Reedonko’
B2. ‘Arobogosta’

Written & Produced by @shampoodouglas
Mastered by Mike Grinser at D&M Berlin
Artwork by Santiago Mac-Auliffe
Design & Copy by Max Binski
“Kepler 66” script by @shampoodouglas
Manufactured at MPO France
Distributed by @yydistribution

Links: facebook / soundcloud / bandcamp