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[PNEM04] Shōen — Plant.æ

November 6, 2020

Shōen — Plant.æ

"Pluie/Noir 04"

Dear Listeners,

This album was created as a reflection of my dreams. It was produced in one week, spontaneously, using only my modular system and the organelle. The music you hear in dreams is often very hard to remember, but through a lot of meditation, I found a way to translate it. A few years ago I made the choice to live by the sea, where I can sustain myself and get inspiration from the birds, the fishes, and kinky little crabs. That’s exactly what I tried to convey in this album: my own little world. They say inspiration comes from your quality of life, and I believe in this deeply! That’s why I’d like to thank all the people who directly or indirectly helped me in my artistic and human development.

First of all, to my own blood: I’m really grateful to have my mum, dad and my sister’s daily and unconditional support.

I’d like to thank Bruno and Pluie/Noir, for allowing me to express myself on this beautiful project, and for believing in me. A big thank you to my friends: to Louise, who gave me a lot of inspiration and without whom this album wouldn’t be the same. To Întuneric, the Piñata Radio team, Nathalia, Kompo, Sabri, Paul, Johnny, Emmanuelle & Sammy, Pazu & all the friends that I missed here (you know who you are): Thank you for your continuous support and all the inspiration you provided me during this process. And finally, a huge thanks to Alexis, without you I wouldn’t have started to make my own music. Love you man.

Shout out to the universe for giving me this chance, and let’s all meet up in the astral dimension!

(づ ̄³ ̄)づ 

Released November 6, 2020

Mastered by Pheek
Artwork & Design by Max Binski

Experimental Media
PNEM004 — 2020

Track Shōen 荘園 – N7 Sentimental 
Feat- Louise

Filmed & edit Eyekino
Dress Francky Kalalo
Rings of Neptune Production