Denis Kaznacheev’s mix recorded at The 5AM Club

The 5AM Club

Denis Kaznacheev

Dj Set by Denis Kaznacheev Recorded at The 5AM Club Session is now online.

Musician and DJ, Denis Kaznacheev, dazzled the recent 5AM Club Session with his brilliant organic, storytelling and adventurous set.

It is rare to find an artist like Denis who crafts a story on the spot that is tailored to the energy and vibe on the dancefloor.

Denis Kaznacheev releases album on Nervmusic

Denis Kaznacheev

Dream Farm



A1. Roger Penrose
A2. You Are Not Alone
B1. Not That Damn Serious
C1. Lex Fridman
D1. Street Kid
E2. Quadruple-Shape-Memory
F1. My Best Friends Machines
F2. Landau Two-Fluid
E1. Feynman’s Superfluidity

Written and produced by Denis Kaznacheev.
Mastering and cutting by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle.
Artwork by Igor Skaletsky.
Worldwide distribution by Word and Sound.
Nervmusic Records © 2022

Drop Beats Not Bombs by Denis Kaznacheev for Meoko

 Drop Beats Not Bombs

Denis Kaznacheev

Drop Beats Not Bombs w. Denis Kaznacheev

An open letter from the MEOKO community.
I consider myself first and foremost a human living on Planet Earth.
Cultures are what makes our world a beautiful diverse place to be in. It’s what has sparked humanity’s most significant developments, when people from all around the world came together with their different experiences and created something more meaningful than they would have ever done on their own.
In the end, it is a lesson for us all. Even if our today’s technologies unconsciously push us to put ourselves first, we need to remember that our collaborative force is the most diverse, strongest and meaningful.
Listen here

Modular live by Denis Kaznacheev

Denis Kaznacheev

Modular live improvisation


Denis Kaznacheev – Keep It Tight

“Denis Kaznacheev – Keep It Tight – Interstellar Travel Guide Volume I.”

Filmed Footage Denis Kaznacheev
Track Denis Kaznacheev

Remix Video Eyekino
Production Rings of Neptune

Denis Kaznacheev mix on Trommel

Trommel.102 – Denis Kaznacheev


Details of Russian artist Denis Kaznacheev’s recent and ongoing legal battle have been well documented across the underground so it is great to a true hero of our community back performing and creating. With a tireless team of cohorts surrounding him Denis’ Nervmusic imprint has continued to flourish and represent him even while on lockdown.

Having recently premiered his most up to date productions we are thrilled to finally welcome Denis to our podcast series where he turns in a suitably sterling mix jam-packed with leftfield minimalism, deeper shades of house, and some secret weapons that will likely remain that way for some time. The much-loved artist embodies the true artistic side of the genre we call home and the meandering and highly nuanced journey bleeds from his productions effortlessly into his DJ sets. Denis’ mix for the 102nd edition of our longrunning podcast is an ideal snapshot of this exciting artist that has much more to say.

Article on Trommel

True out of Brew – Denis Kaznacheev

Denis Kaznacheev

"True Out of Brew"



“True Out of Brew” is an EP stating Denis’s current situation: being accused of a crime he didn’t commit.”

The title track ‘True Out of Brew’ fills the A-side of the record with a clear message that Denis is a musician at heart, while ‘From the Best Sources’ is the last track he created just before his equipment was taken from him upon arrest. Denis used his own voice in both tracks, making this a very personal, career-defining EP. As usual, both tracks are long excursions familiar to those following Denis’s creative output.”

A. True Out of Brew 13:56
B. From the Best Sources 12:19

Written & produced by denis-kaznacheev
Mastered by Lopazz
Cut by Kitaro Beeh
Artwork Lala Vaganova
Design by Max Binski
A&R by Andrea Martinez & Denise Gluck
Distributed by WordandSound
JFD001 by Rotate, 2020



B1 – Denis Kaznacheev – From The Best Sources 

As well as the timing of this EP the fact that this is the first release that Denis has used his own voice and listening to the B1 ‘From The Best Sources’ makes us wonder why he has waited so long. Of course, it is not an easy thing to use your own voice as an artist and it takes a lot of balls to develop confidence in your own voice. However, like we said before Denis shouldn’t have waited so long. The swaggering groove and off-kilter musical elements suit Denis’s fluid Russian accent and with his musings on his preferred source of smoking material the abstract reduced grooves weave effortlessly between each other.

More on Trommel

OL meets Denis Kaznacheev

OL meets Denis Kaznacheev



While being in Berlin in March 2020 OL had a home studio session with his friend Denis Kaznacheev. Due to unexpected arrest of Denis, we’ve decided to release it now and send all the revenue to help Denis. 

 All the info regarding the case could be found here: Please sign the petition here: 

“Home studio session with Denis Kaznacheev” 

Side A
1. recognition of a real problem (2:54)
2. signs (impact) (3:03)
3. the media (3:06)
4. out of controls (1:00)
5. spread dynamics (3:15)

Side B
6. collapsing (3:04)
7. adaptation period (3:38)
8. safe status (5:14)
9. aftermath (2:03)
10. re.recognition of a real problem (sth mix) (2:54)

Produced by Denis Kaznacheev (@denis-kaznacheev) and OL (@moneyisagas)
Mastering by Oleg Buyanov
Artwork design by Ildar Zaynetdinov
Executive producer Ildar Zaynetdinov

Recorded in March 2020 at Denis Kaznacheev’s studio in Berlin.


Bandcamp / Soundcloud 

Interstellar Travel Guide – Volume I out now on Bandcamp

Rings of

Travel Guide
Volume I

To celebrate our debut, we gathered all our artists and challenged them to create music unbounded by genre-specific constrictions. “Interstellar Travel Guide” is a two-part compilation featuring the agency’s 24 artists, and showcases a versatile array of music ranging from spoken vocals & ambient drones to exploratory techno. ‘Volume I’ is the compilation’s most experimental part, assembling 12 compositions of calm, awe-inspiring moments fundamentally aimed at contemplation, and meditation. Volume II will be released shortly after and will gather tracks from the other side of the spectrum, exploring rather beat-driven arrangements.

“Interstellar Travel Guide” is exclusively available on Bandcamp in both digital and limited-edition cassette format. In solidarity with recent protests against police racism and brutality, and in honour of the Stonewall riots of 1969, we’ll also be donating our revenue during the next two months to black-, trans- and queer-led anti-discrimination organizations committed to long-term systemic change, political education, and engagement within the communities such as NAACP, Black Visions Collective and Queer Refugees Germany. 

“12 compositions of calm, awe-inspiring moments fundamentally aimed at contemplation, and meditation.”



official webpage