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Pieter Jansen

Amsterdam, NL




Whether he’s inspiring dancers from the DJ booth or broadcasting on the radio, Pieter Jansen is a familiar face on Amsterdam’s thriving underground electronic music scene – a fixture at all annual Draaimolen events and a resident & programmer at the notable Breakfast Club in Amsterdam.

Over the past few years, Pieter launched two imprints: yeyeh (short for “You’re Everything You’ve Ever Heard”), a lovingly curated outlet for intriguing, engaging, and inspiring music both old and new; and ninih, the night to yeyeh’s day, an imprint focused on rather rhythmical, club-ready sounds. Through these outputs, Pieter alternately puts out unreleased music by producers from the past (the 90s/00s) while also shedding light onto producers of today.

Bubbling away beneath the surface of the Dutch scene since the early part of the past decade, Jansen began his career by promoting parties and festivals before dedicating more time to DJing. Jansen chose to champion vinyl from the start. It’s almost impossible to pin Jansen to a specific style or scene; instead, he’s cultivated a personal DJ style that prioritises darker, weirder, and more profound records while remaining firmly focused on the dancefloor. Known for taking risks – both in creating thoroughly inspired mixes and by his chosen records – His style is defined by his ability to explore multiple genres while regularly reaching for electro, IDM, house/techno, ambient and minimalist grooves.

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