Oddysee 041 | ‘Slightly Hovering’ by Eversines

Eversines — Oddysee


De Lichting crew member Eversines traverses moody breakbeat patterns and propulsive tech cuts in extraordinary fashion. Between releasing forward-thinking club cuts on labels like Kalahari Oyster Cult and Nous’Klaer Audio, and tapping into intricate sound design for yiyeh, Eversines, real name Remco Hazewinkel, is one of the most exciting producers out there. With an impressive and ever-extending back catalogue that explores the sonic fringes of contemporary electronic music, the Amsterdam-based artist is as versatile as they come while maintaining a singular outlook on quality. We got in touch to hear the latest.

Full interview with Eversines here: oddysee.fm/podcasts/eversines/

NUDE – Penelope | HÖR – Mar 22 / 2022



‘First aid for Ukraine’ V/A Compilation by Guerrilla Bizarre

In these confusing times of pain, fear, sadness and anger, Guerrilla Bizarre wanted to do their part in alleviating the sorrow felt by the people in Ukraine.

They reached out to their favourite artists in the underground scene to ask for contribution and tried to put together a meaningful effort to help with the situation.

“First Aid for Ukraine” is the result of this massive teamwork. You can get these 60+ tracks at the accessible price of 8 euros, or donate more if you have the possibility.

Of the money you pay, a small amount (around 15%) will be unavoidably withheld by Bandcamp; the rest will go entirely to the International Committee of the Red Cross, with weekly donations every Friday. Please check their social media pages to see how much they’ll be donating every week.

The Red Cross has been operating in the country since 2014 and is currently supporting relief operations in Ukraine’s warzones. Their cooperation with the local Red Cross Society is instrumental in lessening the pain caused by the invasion: they provide first aid on the field, help with evacuations and distribute essentials such as food, warm clothes, medicines and hygiene items; they train civilians for emergency situations and help in contacting relatives in other parts of the country.

This should have been a simple VA compilation, but now looks more like a mega pack because of the overwhelming response that they received. A mega pack of underground electronic music. Free, not bound by style or genre, and yet recognizably à la Guerilla Bizarre: you’ll come across minimal techno soundscapes, ambient experiments, spacy house grooves, razor-edged breaks and much more. But perhaps the most impressive contribution comes from Koloniari, who was able to send them his track “Control” from Kyiv, where he resides, despite the current situation.

What the world has witnessed in the last few days made us feel powerless. Spectators of a world that is violently unraveling in front of our eyes. But the truth is that, even if reality is indeed dire, we can find the strength to help out. We hope that this nightmare can end soon, please help in doing our part.

New release by Evano: Twixy Infinity


Atlantida Omni

This month Evano self-released a new conceptual work. ‘Twixt Infinity’ consists of eight pieces that feature very different sounds and track lengths.

You can listen to and download the album from Evano’s Bandcamp on a “name your price” basis.





From the ambient of ‘Sentes Punta’ to the low-fi noise of ‘Fall of Sins’ or the rhythmic complexity of the title-track, Evano dives into diverse sound experimentations that escape easy genre categories with underlining impressive creativeness.





Nies releases Poèmes Électroniques #3


Poèmes Électroniques #3


in the now

nothing ever

nothing will
ever be

what have you done
for the world lately?

Poèmes Électroniques #3 – Dynamism in the Now
Spoken Word Series by Nies
Voice Maya Gluck
Soundscape Nies
Sounds recorded at  INA GRM
Mastering Nies
Visual Eyekino