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Amsterdam, NL




Eversines is a producer and DJ residing in Amsterdam. He’s been producing for over a decade, co-runs record label De Lichting and focuses on the energetic yet dreamy side of electronic music.

In 2019 his debut album was put out through Wex Records, after which releases on yeyeh / ninih came forth including a solo outing and a special collaboration with thereminist Carolina Eyck titled ‘Waves’.

De Lichting being a close group of friends and Eversines’ homebase, he’s always a part of the well received double vinyl compilations they put out, and had his debut on Kalahari Oyster Cult in 2020 with ‘Plooi’.  He recently released on labels like Animals On Psychedelics, Nous’Klaer and Lonely Planet Records, with more releases in the pipeline for well-respected labels.

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