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Eversines on 20/20 Vision

April 15, 2024

Amsterdam-based producer/DJ and ‘De Lichting’ co-founder ‘Eversines’ makes his 20/20 Vision debut with ‘Turning Blue’.

Between releasing forward-thinking dance-floor outings for labels such as Kalahari Oyster Cult and Nous’Klaer Audio, plus tapping into intricate otherworldly sound design, Eversines is one of the most exciting producers out there.

Eversines has been active in electronic music for over a decade, with an impressive back catalogue that explores the sonic fringes of contemporary electronic music, from ethereal rolling house to energetic yet dreamy electronic cuts.

‘Turning Blue’ sees Eversines intricately blend elements of house and techno to create a selection of beautifully formed club ready cuts.

A1 – Turning Blue

A2 – Retract

B1 – Vlaag

B2 – Clarity