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USR026 VA – Eversines

July 4, 2023




The EP opens with an entrancing track by our friend Omar, characterized by its groovy and punchy nature. After witnessing DJ Koolt’s electrifying performance of this track at our event in collaboration with BFC in Doka last year, we simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to release it on vinyl.

Following “Loophole” by Eversines, an electrifying track that catches you off guard and refuses to release its grip. Its tension steadily mounts, amplified by its playful melodies.

On the B-side, we have Dynamic Wave, better known for their releases on Nature Records and Disturbance, with “Spectroid,” a captivating electro track. It’s a mellow track characterized by its gated vocoder-like synths and a smooth, unwavering bassline.

The closing track by Enrica sets a serene and ethereal atmosphere with its ambient, dreamy melodies and gentle, slow-tempo rhythm.