Evano New Album “Twin Paradox”

Twin Paradox


In physics, the twin paradox is a thought experiment in special relativity involving identical twins, one of whom makes a journey into space in a high-speed rocket and returns home to find that the twin who remained on Earth has aged more.

 It is also the title of the album by acclaimed Slovenian DJ, producer and sound designer Evano, whose intuition and musical pedigree often make him seem like the space-travelling twin to his fans and peers.

Always operating out of left field, his ubiquitous approach was inspired by the concepts of duality and tangentiality which are reflected in the works on offer here. Deconstructed club rhythms that tickle the brain as much as the feet and sparse, dubby compositions exist alongside bitcrushed downtempo funk and luscious psychedelic soundscapes. 

“Twin Paradox” invites repeated listening and perfectly showcases the author’s talent and sonic breadth, injecting hid experimental IDM with a sense of humour.