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Pluie/Noir Interscapes 01

February 5, 2020

“Imaginary Radio Stations”

Sound mixed and compiled by Evano & CP-AK
Visual interpretation by Max Binski aka Cleymoore

Welcome to the new Pluie/Noir podcast series. 8 years after our debut we decided to press the reboot button and return to our roots. With a new format and back to a regular monthly schedule, Pluie/Noir Interscapes will feature audio collages, mixes, live interviews and live recordings from P/N artists, friends, and other collectives we admire.

Because less is more, instead of the usual triptych format, this series will feature one single A3-A1 visual interpretation of the music by a graphic artist. The artwork will be available to purchase in poster format on our rebooted Bandcamp page very soon, with cassettes or CD-r of the mixes as a bonus.

And because the P/N podcast series started with Evano, he’ll do the honours once again, this time together with CP-AK. Visual interpretation by P/N’s head honcho, Max Binski (aka Cleymoore). Enjoy.


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