Marseille, FR


Romain Riem-Vis



Raised by disco, funk and rock, Abi quickly turns towards electronic music, discovering and dancing to French Touch house records as early as in middle school. Later, she fosters this music culture further during a time spent in New York, hanging out in the city’s most underground warehouse and basement parties.

Back in Paris, Abi joins the collectif Bass Y Bouzouk and it’s here that her career starts taking off, both as a DJ and with her pioneering project RA+RE Records, a 100% women’s label and collective aiming to highlight the community of women in electronic music. Through time RA+RE grew as one of the most renowned collective in the scene, and it is also the operating force behind the legendary Breakfast Club afterparties in Paris.

Sophisticated, refined and timeless: Abi’s style reflects her exclusive panache, exploring the inbetweens of house and other electronic music genres with powerful and accurate selections. Abi brought her sound to some of the most important clubs in Europe and beyond with the RA+RE project, delivering an exceptional vibe every time carried by unique style and irresistible selections!

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