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Marseille, FR




Abi’s nearly lifelong love affair with house and techno and all its in-betweens goes a while back. Naturally gifted and genuinely passionate, French artist Abi grew up intimately surrounded by funk and soul, with French Touch House being one of her biggest influences since middle school. Currently residing in Marseille, right on the sun-kissed south coast of France, Paris-born Abi uses her most intimate musical influences to fuel her particularly robust and accurate style as a distinct electronic music DJ, bringing her sound to some of the most important clubs in Europe and beyond.

With life excursions through Madrid and New York, where its dazzling underground, warehouse-heavy rave scene played a crucial role, Abi’s prominent musical preference landed on techno music’s more seductive, hypnotic side. Abi blends, with grace, the finest and most alluring electronic music ailing from the US and Europe, mixing Detroit sounds, UK Garage, Breakbeat, and Italian house with ease.

Founder of the pioneering project RA+RE, Abi has engaged her connections within the electronic music scene to empower and shine a vital light on the vastly understated community of women in the electronic music scene. Since its inception in 2014, RA+RE has become one of the most renowned collectives and record labels built exclusively by (and for) women in the underground music scene. As the operating force behind the legendary Breakfast Club afterparties in Paris, the collective played a vital role in catapulting female talent worldwide.

Combining virtue and innate talent, Abi’s growth as a DJ has been stable and organic. Charged by a keen desire to discover the finest records that get people dancing and a singular concern in pleasing the crowd with an easygoing attitude, Abi’s DJ sets are her vessels for artistic expression targetted at reminding the world that dancefloors are, in fact, one of the best places where they can travel, laugh and enjoy themselves.

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