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II/III (Two Out Of Three) is an electro-acoustic dark ambiental duo, featuring harpist rouge-ah (Urška Preis) and producer Nitz (Tine Vrabič). They have paved a relatively desolate field of the aforementioned genre in their native Slovenia and opened up a space for a new generation of regional sound makers. In their music, they interweave processed field recordings with effected electric harp sounds, create impactful beats out of self-made/recorded samples and altogether make you wonder about the origin of their imaginative sounds. Likewise, their live performances take you on phantasmal road trips all the way from spacious, unworldly drones, through luminous arpeggios and glissandos, to tense synth pads. Their cosmic performances have been labeled theatrical with a reason – to tell a wholesome story with precise dramaturgy is this duo’s ultimate goal.

With Urška bringing in years of classical education, followed by numerous author projects, collaborations, and band activities, and Tine being a pillar of the local electronic music scene, they merge their decade-long friendship into a mind-bending musical experience. They have proven it time and again through their critically-acclaimed debut EP It could be paradise and performing at ultimately all notable venues and festivals and various events at autonomous spaces of their home country.

II/III is currently exploring materials for their upcoming album debut, with topics such as the fragility of memories, interpretations as interventions, and duality of loud- and quietness.


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Artist bio

The PLUIES project by Belgian-Hungarian artist Pauline Mikó is a sound and performative
project that aims to strengthen the relationship between plants, nature and the human being. Through a system of sensors and electrodes connected to the leaves of the plants and the body of the artist, the bio-electric exchange set up is transformed into sound, thanks to a modular synthesizer. The sound waves are then modulated to produce music, both for the ears of the spectators but also for the plants themselves. This system of electrodes, created by the artist, allows the expression of the energies of 11 different plants simultaneously.

By mixing nature and technology, Pauline Mikó offers us an original and sensory experience. The artist tries to give back a legitimate place to plants in our urban lives. By enhancing our connection to our environment, the idea is to become aware of its fragility and the importance of respecting it. The main intention of the artist is to put life back in the center of our communities and allowing a dialogue with Nature.

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