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Interview with Pit Spector

September 6, 2020

sometimes sweet, groovy, sexy – sometimes raw and funky”

Pit Spector has been working for the underground electronic scene for ages and shines on “made in France” House . He had already released a number of EPs and maxis on Minibar or on his label Prospector but never an LP strictly speaking. It’s now done and Pit Spector  presents us this Thursday his very first album Mindoor , released on Logistic Records and which will be available on September 25 on vinyl.

An explosive album, “sometimes sweet, groove, sexy – sometimes raw and funky”, catchy, and technically really clean. An album in the form of an initiatory journey in electronic music thanks to the various collaborations with  Tin ManSan ProperDandy JackDave AjuBen VedrenCutheadArkThe MoleErnesto Ferreyra.

Pit Spector:

Since 2013 I have released close to 20 EPs especially in collaboration with Ark , Ben Vedren , Antislash and via my label Prospector which is at the origin of this album. During this decade I favoured EPs because that allowed me to ensure regular releases in an economic context where labels favour ‘singles’. It also made it possible to see my music broadcast more quickly because the creation of an album is a long-term job!

I have been fortunate enough to be a father since 2018 and it has changed my lifestyle and my approach to time. I had to slow down production but it allowed me to have another look at my work. With the help of Logistic Records I was able to take the time to revisit and magnify several years of work on this album.

This album is the result of my Prospector project which combined artistic residency, parties and label. With my partner Matthieu Bellaiche , we listed the artists who made us vibrate and with whom it was possible to work. All the artists spent a week in my studio in Montreuil and each time it was very enriching and creative encounters. I knew some artists like Ark , Ben Vedren and San Proper but I met most of the musicians through Prospector.

It was a big job to choose from over 40 songs with sessions spread over three years! I would say the common thread is my studio. I wanted the album to reflect the openness and freedom I can find there. I love working in collaboration with other artists and allowing them to take over my space. My touch is found in the arrangement and mixing as well as in the choice of songs.

It was our bet on this album to present songs touching different styles of electronic music without being a compilation so we worked a lot on the order of the songs. The album has a part more intended for listening and a part more dance floor which reflects my vision of electronic music.