Ruben Lombroso mix for Nebula Collective

Nebula Collective

Ruben Lombroso

New Ruben Lombroso mix out for Nebula Collective.

Passionate about synthesizers, record collector and lover of natural phenomena as an infinite source of inspiration, Ruben’s compositions and performances of electroacoustic music have been proposed in different European festivals and concert halls, while his more recent side of rhythmic investigations has found a home on dance music labels Pager Records, Pluie/Noir Music, Sports Records and in European clubs like Club Der Visionare, Robert Johnson, Frieda’s Büxe.

Ruben’s new mix for Nebula collective now on soundcloud. Microhouse beats on a bouncing and uplifting mix, enjoy some good grooves!

Sensei Slicer – [SVA-002]

Sensei Slicer


Sports Various Artists 02


Six killer tracks spreading across multiple styles from Miami’s Sports Wax. 

A1. Sensei Slicer – Curling Sweepers Club
A2. Doctor Hotdog – Ode To Kurrupt FM
A3. Mr. Liquid – Violence Is Not Legal
B1. Snoozin’ B – Hot Take
B2. Masterplan – The Return
B3. Mr. Liquid – Liquidity

Shampoo Douglas & Goiz debut on Quest’s ‘La Nota Del Diablo’

La Decima Vittima

"Fava Del Demonio"

Italian DJ and master crate digger Quest is set to launch his own label La Nota Del Diablo very soon, lining up La Decima Vittima for its debut — a trio consisting of Ruben Lombroso and Alexander Folonari, known for their excellent Shampoo Douglas moniker together with Pablo Arrangoiz, known for his solo project Goiz and works together with Bruno Schmidt

Quest is set to launch his own label La Nota Del Diablo very soon, lining up La Decima Vittima for its debut” 

Quest‘s taste for the obscure leftfield bangers that populate his dj-sets are a key giveaway of what’s to come for La Nota Del Diablo. You can listen to the samples below:


Links: soundcloud / instagram

Shampoo Douglas – Nebula Collective


Nebula Collective in collaboration with Zones Portuaires Genova, a festival that opens the normally inaccessible operating port to the public through artistic performances and site-specific installations, present Shampoo Douglas.

Interstellar Travel Guide – Volume I out now on Bandcamp

Rings of

Travel Guide
Volume I

To celebrate our debut, we gathered all our artists and challenged them to create music unbounded by genre-specific constrictions. “Interstellar Travel Guide” is a two-part compilation featuring the agency’s 24 artists, and showcases a versatile array of music ranging from spoken vocals & ambient drones to exploratory techno. ‘Volume I’ is the compilation’s most experimental part, assembling 12 compositions of calm, awe-inspiring moments fundamentally aimed at contemplation, and meditation. Volume II will be released shortly after and will gather tracks from the other side of the spectrum, exploring rather beat-driven arrangements.

“Interstellar Travel Guide” is exclusively available on Bandcamp in both digital and limited-edition cassette format. In solidarity with recent protests against police racism and brutality, and in honour of the Stonewall riots of 1969, we’ll also be donating our revenue during the next two months to black-, trans- and queer-led anti-discrimination organizations committed to long-term systemic change, political education, and engagement within the communities such as NAACP, Black Visions Collective and Queer Refugees Germany. 

“12 compositions of calm, awe-inspiring moments fundamentally aimed at contemplation, and meditation.”



official webpage


Interstellar Radio Transmissions 01 – Shampoo Douglas (live at Hoppetosse)

“Interstellar Radio Transmissions 01 – Shampoo Douglas”

Interstellar Radio Transmissions from the Rings of Neptune

— Episode one by @shampoodouglas (live)

Recorded live at Hoppetosse, Berlin, on the 14th of December 2019 at the @ringsofneptune concept debut event.

More info here:

Visual interpretation by Max Binski aka Cleymoore


[PNR013] Shampoo Douglas – Kepler 66 Hotline

Shampoo Douglas

[PNR013] Shampoo Douglas - Kepler 66 Hotline

Originally planned as the first part of a 3xLP album, ‘Kepler 66 Hotline’ is a collection of tracks deeply inspired by 90’s sci-fi infected Detroit electro, drenched in deep mellow tones, weird outer-worldly timbres and sharp drum-arrangements.

According to its creators:

“This post-apocalyptic journey is set in 2046 A.D. far out on the Kepler 66 Planet, where The Douglas Brothers (Alchemists of Sound) have now set up their inter-dimensional sonic fortress. Due to complications on Earth and a third world war breaking out, Earth’s population was forced to migrate to unknown territories. Those with pride choose to stay, while others took off to finally create their Utopias on alternate dimensions.

Insufficient Credit. Thank you for calling Kepler 66 Hotline. For more virtual space-time continuum travel, insert credit. To speak with the manager, press 1. Do nothing, and you will be automatically rebooted to reality in 30 seconds.”

Limited edition vinyl. Artwork by Santiago Mac-Auliffe.

Pluie/Noir Recordings 013
Shampoo Douglas – ‘Kepler 66 Hotline’
12″ EP

A1. ‘Thrill of Romance’
A2. ‘G Domain’
B1. ‘Reedonko’
B2. ‘Arobogosta’

Written & Produced by @shampoodouglas
Mastered by Mike Grinser at D&M Berlin
Artwork by Santiago Mac-Auliffe
Design & Copy by Max Binski
“Kepler 66” script by @shampoodouglas
Manufactured at MPO France
Distributed by @yydistribution

Links: facebook / soundcloud / bandcamp