Rubi & Cleymoore – Live at Dimensions 2022

Live at Dimensions 2022


Rubi & Cleymoore


We’re taking a trip back to the Olive Grove, this time with Rubi & Cleymoore. We’re delighted to share the recording of their opening set from a hazy Saturday afternoon last summer; The perfect balance of soothing sounds, downtempo selections, through to deeper house sounds that set us up perfectly for the night ahead.

Recorded live at Dimensions 2022, Olive Grove, Saturday 3rd September.

MMSU 21 by Rubi

 MMSU 21


Welcome to MMSU fam Christina @itsmerubi – who has exceptionally nice taste in tunes I’ve always thought, as well as some swag on the decks and being a lovely warm person. Just what we are looking for!

Classy pod alert, open a bottle of something nice and settle in.

Orbiting Souls with Rubi & Cleymoore

Rubi & Cleymoore

Orbiting Souls


Good friends of Orbiting Souls and notorious diggers Rubi & Cleymoore deliver a dreamy downtempo drive, representing the sound of @ringsofneptune.
No more words are needed. Tune in <3

Recorded @ D59B Berlin

Artwork by Gal Sherizly

Rubi at Hör

 Orbiting Souls at Hör


Who is Rubi?

“Who is Rubi?

Forward Movement dives deep with Christina Hans aka Rubi exploring her journey from the warm waters of electronic music hotbed Barcelona to the emerging creative pond of Yangon where she helped to nurture and grow the scene.

Constantly outside of her comfort zone, occasionally by choice – her artistic contributions will last beyond her time in Myanmar and resulted in many connections flourishing throughout Asia.

Forced now, to return to the capital of her motherland – a city swamped with talent – you’ll find Rubi rediscovering her niche whilst sustaining her creative freedom.

Bside Incoming: Rubi

Bside Incoming


Now based in Berlin, Rubi was recently running her own ‘Out of Sight’ event series in Yangon while teaching tech as a professor in Myanmar. As well as co-founding the Kommuna Tapes record label, founded in 2016 under the same name as the successful Barcelona event series, she is also a resident with RA+RE and Rings of Neptune.

Her YouTube channel is an absolute gold mine for the deep, dubby, and beautifully bizarre:

Each one of her mixes is as cool and clinical as it is richly warm, packed full of new musical discoveries and much cherished records. Her episode of Bside Incoming is no exception; a downtempo masterclass of vibrant ambient layers, electro grooves and irresistible breaks, with lots of bleeps and bloops.