Retro Future EP by Pressure Point

Pressure Point

Retro Future


Pressure Point aka D:fferent Place has been one of the long-standing artists of Sol Asylum because of his loyalty and dedication to complex compositions and futuristic harmonies.

This release shows once again his capacity for keeping inspiration from the past but translating his version of the future.

XLR8R Podcast 716: Pressure Point

XLR8R Podcast 716

Pressure Point

Since he began spinning minimal and house records at friends’ parties in 2014, Pressure Point, the Italian DJ-producer also known as D:fferent Place, has never really locked back. Shirking away from the limelight that many of his compatriots have pursued, he’s instead released a stream of quality EPs that stylishly blend the the two genres that kick-started his journey in music nearly two decades ago. Next up is Ghost on Tape, a four-track outing on Pluie/Noir—a label in Berlin, one of Pressure Point’s former homes. It follows a collaborative track with Christopher Ledger on DeWalta‘s Meander.

Recorded last last month in celebration of the upcoming EP, Pressure Point’s XLR8R podcast is full of the complex compositions and deep melodies he’s known for. Much like Telharmonic Texture, it shines on a light on Pressure Point’s favorite artists: you’ll hear music from Edward, Youandewan, and Thomas Melchior, any many more. Fortunately, these are also some of XLR8R‘s favorite voices, so we’re also a big fan. Press play for just over an hour of wonky, effortless minimal groove.

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Pressure Point on Nightclubber’s Podcast series

Nightclubber Podcast 153

Pressure Point

Pressure Point is distinguished by mixture of elaborated sounds complex groove compositions randomized fast-paced and a typically deep, melodic sound synthesis.

His productions are enclosed for the large part composed of synthesizers, modular synth, sounds wonky and nano-loops all designed by sequencer step, triggers and creative impulses creating a harmonious unsteady gait.

Pressure Point is also D:fferent Place.

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D:fferent Place 004

D:fferent Place

"D:fferent Place ‎004"

“D:fferent Place hits back once again but this time with more substance than ever – a 2×12″ LP chock-full of authentic vibes.”


DXLREC003 / Pressure Point – Wrong System EP

Pressure Point - Wrong System EP


Parisian label DXL Records signs a new exciting release in collaboration with Pressure Point, rising star of the italian scene. He delivers three elegant dancefloor weapons. Showing his ease to navigate between energetic house and delicate techno with some mystical minimal touches, he shows a part of his complex yet fascinating musical universe. The release is completed by a Spacetravel remix in which the wizard makes a deep invitation to get lost in trippy modular sounds.

“Fascinating musical universe


A1 – Pressure Point – Timepiece 

Pressure point joins the experienced roster of producers, reviving his more experimental alias after three sold-out releases, including the previously featured D:fferent Place. ‘Timepiece’ showcases the versatility of his productions in this emotive banger.

Dreamy, uplifting synths gleam in conversation with a shifty bassline that could slot delightfully into a peak time DJ Masda set. Drum sounds are sharp, with a mean swing bringing a dusty, raw contrast to the euphoric mood of the track.

Timbres host a classic, retro aesthetic that takes ear with a multitude of scenes. Early support comes from Petre Inspirescu, setting the tone with ‘Timepiece’ at last year’s Epizode festival. Melodies have inoffensive and uplifting energy, shaping neat acid lines and featherweight string pads.

‘Wrong System’ ventures into darker, menacing territories, with an eerie wind chime melody springing above a paranoid bassline. ‘Tom Cat’ adds more depth to the release with a deep, heads down workout, alongside a ferocious remix from Spacetravel.

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Pressure Point “D:FFERENT PLACE 003” album out now

Pressure Point


” Third superstrike all the way from a D:fferent Place”