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XLR8R Podcast 716: Pressure Point

October 8, 2021

XLR8R Podcast 716

Pressure Point

Since he began spinning minimal and house records at friends’ parties in 2014, Pressure Point, the Italian DJ-producer also known as D:fferent Place, has never really locked back. Shirking away from the limelight that many of his compatriots have pursued, he’s instead released a stream of quality EPs that stylishly blend the the two genres that kick-started his journey in music nearly two decades ago. Next up is Ghost on Tape, a four-track outing on Pluie/Noir—a label in Berlin, one of Pressure Point’s former homes. It follows a collaborative track with Christopher Ledger on DeWalta‘s Meander.

Recorded last last month in celebration of the upcoming EP, Pressure Point’s XLR8R podcast is full of the complex compositions and deep melodies he’s known for. Much like Telharmonic Texture, it shines on a light on Pressure Point’s favorite artists: you’ll hear music from Edward, Youandewan, and Thomas Melchior, any many more. Fortunately, these are also some of XLR8R‘s favorite voices, so we’re also a big fan. Press play for just over an hour of wonky, effortless minimal groove.

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