Atree releases new EP on Komplices

“Jo SZT welcomes Atree for the debut of his imprint Komplices.”

Atree’s new EP, “Start to Relax”, is out now on Jo SZT’s new imprint, Komplices. Featuring 4 tracks of dazzling contemporary house music, “Start to Relax” confidently showcases a diverse array of music aimed at different moments: Funky, Light-hearted music for cosy dance floors.

A1 ‘ Outflow ‘
A2 ‘ Sensible Counting Acab ‘
B1 ‘ Press Start ‘
B2 ‘ Relaxane ‘

Mastering by Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin
Manufactured at Objects Manufacturing, Berlin

Run by Jo SZT

Out now!

Atree – Motivational Force EP

 Motivational Force EP


Bundo, Adrenalina and Agent S.Pliff are very different and brave individuals, fighting together as a squad, travelling through the universe and breaking down all the barriers they encounter. How is it possible? What is their secret? The motivational force based on unconditional, mutual love strengthens their bond, allowing them to survive the darkest spheres and fight the most evil enemies. Each of them has a unique talent that makes them a perfect team.

Bundo – Fast and sneaky terrier.
Special Skill: Warms up the heart and body when you are cold or hurt.

Adrenalina – Strategic and funny.
Special Skill: Guides the team through the universe and confuses enemies with jokes.

Agent S.Pliff – Chilled and bright programmer.
Special Skill: Surprises the squad, and the enemies, with unique beats when they don’t expect it.

AirFunk 002 Release

AirFunk 002


AirFunk 002 (AF002)

A1. Sweely – Feel Like a Star

A2. Aline Umber – Les Divas du Dancing (ft. Michou)

B1. Aladdin – Let It Go!

B2. Atree – The Revolution

pre-order here :

‘First aid for Ukraine’ V/A Compilation by Guerrilla Bizarre

In these confusing times of pain, fear, sadness and anger, Guerrilla Bizarre wanted to do their part in alleviating the sorrow felt by the people in Ukraine.

They reached out to their favourite artists in the underground scene to ask for contribution and tried to put together a meaningful effort to help with the situation.

“First Aid for Ukraine” is the result of this massive teamwork. You can get these 60+ tracks at the accessible price of 8 euros, or donate more if you have the possibility.

Of the money you pay, a small amount (around 15%) will be unavoidably withheld by Bandcamp; the rest will go entirely to the International Committee of the Red Cross, with weekly donations every Friday. Please check their social media pages to see how much they’ll be donating every week.

The Red Cross has been operating in the country since 2014 and is currently supporting relief operations in Ukraine’s warzones. Their cooperation with the local Red Cross Society is instrumental in lessening the pain caused by the invasion: they provide first aid on the field, help with evacuations and distribute essentials such as food, warm clothes, medicines and hygiene items; they train civilians for emergency situations and help in contacting relatives in other parts of the country.

This should have been a simple VA compilation, but now looks more like a mega pack because of the overwhelming response that they received. A mega pack of underground electronic music. Free, not bound by style or genre, and yet recognizably à la Guerilla Bizarre: you’ll come across minimal techno soundscapes, ambient experiments, spacy house grooves, razor-edged breaks and much more. But perhaps the most impressive contribution comes from Koloniari, who was able to send them his track “Control” from Kyiv, where he resides, despite the current situation.

What the world has witnessed in the last few days made us feel powerless. Spectators of a world that is violently unraveling in front of our eyes. But the truth is that, even if reality is indeed dire, we can find the strength to help out. We hope that this nightmare can end soon, please help in doing our part.

New Artists: Atree, Katie Drover, Kino

Rings of Neptune welcomes Atree, Katie Drover and Kino.

The three new additions to our roster are all based in Berlin, but are from three very distinct corners of the world: Germany, Australia and Uruguay. They also explore different corners of the electronic music spectrum, and possess equal measurements talent.

— Olli’s (atree) passion for music started with putting together mixed CDs for friends and himself when he was a teenager. His interest in vinyl and the surrounding culture started in 2003 after getting in touch with the reggae / dub scene these days. Olli started his solo project atree in 2013 and since then he released his music on Pluie/Noir, Arpège, Veniceberg, Shotgun and many others.

Pleasure Zone, Carpet and Snares, Subsonic Music and her own Dokutoku Records, Katie Drover‘s catalog keeps growing. This mathematician turned international touring DJ has more than just 4/4 in her pocket as she flits between Australian and Europe in her quest for the perfect groove.

Kino developed his sound being a DJ resident of Phonotheque in Montevideo, Uruguay, one of South America most respected nightclubs. Now since 2019, he relocated to Berlin. Passionate for searching music and generating atmospheres, his musical taste varies from techno to electro. Allied of the unexpected and the details, his presentations invite you to transit through different pathways.

Atree — Based in Berlin, Germany
Booking info: giovanni (at)

Katie Drover — Based in Berlin, Germany
Booking info: giovanni (at)

Kino — Based in Berlin, Germany
Booking info: giovanni (at)