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Atree – Motivational Force EP

September 21, 2023

 Motivational Force EP


Bundo, Adrenalina and Agent S.Pliff are very different and brave individuals, fighting together as a squad, travelling through the universe and breaking down all the barriers they encounter. How is it possible? What is their secret? The motivational force based on unconditional, mutual love strengthens their bond, allowing them to survive the darkest spheres and fight the most evil enemies. Each of them has a unique talent that makes them a perfect team.

Bundo – Fast and sneaky terrier.
Special Skill: Warms up the heart and body when you are cold or hurt.

Adrenalina – Strategic and funny.
Special Skill: Guides the team through the universe and confuses enemies with jokes.

Agent S.Pliff – Chilled and bright programmer.
Special Skill: Surprises the squad, and the enemies, with unique beats when they don’t expect it.