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Thorgerdur is an Icelandic DJ and producer mainly based in Oslo, with second bases both in Iceland and Berlin. With a background as a classically trained pianist and a singer-songwriter, she began playing vinyl late 2014, had her first gig in 2015, and has since then proven herself as a great selector with a unique ability to curate groovy and engaging sets. She loves to travel through different kinds of styles, exploring how they together create an effortless flow, focusing on the vibe rather than any specific style or genre.
She regularly plays her eclectic and unpredictable sets in both Oslo’s and Iceland’s most respected venues.

If you were lucky, you might have previously caught her playing one of her excitingly eclectic and surprising sets that are often daring and full of flare, at places like Bravó or Kaffibarinn in Iceland, which is the where she originally fell in love with electronic music, only few years before she moved to Oslo in 2013 and got introduced to the Oslo-underground scene, which is where she started DJing herself.

In addition to being co-founder and resident of Blossy, label and event series run with her partner A:G, she also holds residencies with Det Gode Selskab, Missing Link in Darmstadt, New Planet and her own project, The Elf Club in Iceland.

After having released their first EP back in 2018, the Blossy EP which included four different tracks with a minimalistic techno-electro vibe, and the track ‘Connection’ released on On Sight Series as part of the VA OSS # 2 back in 2020 (both releases collaborations with A:G), some of her other collaborations are now finally seeing the light of day.

Most noteworthy, she’s a part of Scandinavia Bass Dreams, an already timeless VA which includes the track NoTV by Television, an alias used by her and the Icelandic producer Kuldaboli. After 3 years of mandatory pressing delays, the VA (Stilleben062) is out in July 2023 on Stilleben, one of the most respected electro labels of the Nordic countries, run by the Swedish electro wizard, Luke Eargoggle.

In March 2023, her first solo electronic track recently got released on Sonic Weapons of Love, compilation dedicated to raising funds in support of Ukraine, curated by Sasha Zlykh and Andrew Valevsky.


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