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Paris, FR



Artist bio

Nies is the creative alias of Denise Pakes, the founder of the Rotate imprint and co-founder of the Rings of Neptune agency & kōrero. Originally from the Netherlands with Moluccan roots, Denise juggles between Paris and Berlin, continuously engages in musical exploration, audio-visual collaborations with like-minded artists, and events with cultural activation in mind.

After studying ‘Image & Sound’ at the Art Academy & Conservatory of The Hague, Denise became increasingly interested in the ever-expanding audio-visual universe and its peculiarities. Persistently curious and relentlessly passionate in video, photography, and music, she found the natural outlets for her artistic expression, which led her to create her label and agency, explore the art of DJing, and produce both music and visuals. She just graduated from a master’s study at INA GRM in Paris; Création Musicale & Arts Sonores.

Since falling in love with synthesizers a few years ago, music creation has become one of her main creative outputs and an infinite source of inspiration and joy. Warm soundscapes, strange textures, subtle atmospheres, and broad bass lines — her musical intentions either as a sound artist or as a composer are clear: to excite the listeners, flowing organically, stretching time and bending space in pure harmony.

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