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Artist bio

Ismael Zouaoui lives and breathes music between Switzerland and Berlin. He spends his days in his studio, making complex electronic music that incorporates intricate drum patterns, diverse sampling techniques, multiple layers and textures. Exploring sounds and ideas from different eras, his music is contemporary, playful, distorted, 3-dimensional, fat, and clean. 2020 has seen multiple releases, on labels including System Error, Burbi and Griffé.

Ismael’s DJ sets are influenced by electronic music from the 80’s & 90’s, and by the contemporary work of his friends. Audiences can expect the unexpected, depending on when and where he’s playing: his sets range from floating ambient to up-tempo rave sounds is equally at home in underground Zurich venues like Mikro, larger clubs like Supermarket and Hive, the Prater Sauna in Vienna, Fusion Festival or Berlin’s infamous Club der Visionäre, Hoppetosse and Wilde Renate.

Ismael holds an Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering from Berlin’s renowned Abbey Road Institute, and is part of the team at Grammy-nominated Chez Cherie Studio, collaborating with and consulting for industry veterans including PC Nackt, T. Raumschmiere and Deadbeat. When not busy in the studio, he enjoys analogue photography and exploring the uncharted territories of his subconscious.

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