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Artist bio

ISH, also known as Kind Des Geistes, is a Swiss-Tunisian DJ, producer, live performer, and New Media artist based in Berlin. He is signed to labels such as Libertine Records, Small Moves, System Error, Griffé, and Partisan, among others, showcasing his unclassifiable and ever-evolving artistic style.

Ismael Zouaoui spends his days crafting intricate electronic music in his Berlin studio. His creative process involves incorporating complex drum patterns, diverse sampling techniques, and multiple layers and textures. Exploring sounds and ideas from different eras, his music is characterized by its contemporary, playful, distorted, 3-dimensional, fat, and clean qualities. In 2023, he released multiple works on labels such as Libertine Records, Small Moves, and Nashville House Syndicate.

Ismael’s DJ sets are influenced by electronic music from the 80’s, 90’s, and early 00’s, as well as by the contemporary work of his friends. In his DJ sets as well as in his live sets as ISH, audiences can expect the unexpected, depending on when and where he’s playing: his sets range from floating ambient to up-tempo rave sounds.

In addition to his DJ and production ventures, Ismael, under the alias “Kind des Geistes,” performs live and presents A/V live shows. This particular project revolves around brainwaves, where the music is played live by his brain, and the visuals are based on the visualization of the brainwaves.

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