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For someone with an academically trained music background, Aliana’s selections and production are incredibly varied and colorful. While her classical formation with an emphasis on piano gave her a uniquely sympathetic perspective on music, childhood fascinations with rock, funk and other genres slowly led down a rabbit hole discovering the most obscure dance music genres. From here she began spending hours digging for records and creating her own music to satisfy an inborn need of self-expression and artistic curiosity.

Aliana has a mystical flair to her selecting abilities that goes hand in hand with her musical creations. During DJ performances, she envelopes her audience with deep moods and enthralling rare gems, surprising every time with a range of genres from underground house and electro to disco.

Growing up in Ukraine, she was a part of the local underground scene DJing, organizing parties, and making music. She then spent a period of time in France, where she became a part of Midibasics, with which the joint EP “Cyber Queen” was released In 2019, Aliana moved onto her own solo project, to be able to focus on her artistic introspection and creative growth. In the past 5 years, she has released a handful of releases on labels like Sous:sol, Variable Records, Mithra, and more recently her first LP on Finest Hour.

Back in her home country since 2021, Aliana is now focusing on her active performances, while at the same time developing the local underground scene. She recently organized a series of events called “Muza” where she put together a team of like-minded women to grow and artistically express themselves. Coming up soon, she has releases in the pipeline for the ‘Laconica’ and ‘Tresydos’ labels.


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