Exclusive Mixtape: Max Binski AKA Cleymoore

Bruno aka Cleymoore recorded a live mix for KALTBLUT magazine at D59B, his favourite bar in Berlin. 

Signing the mix as Max Binski, he dwelled entirely in the Downtempo field and its sub-genres. Bruno has made a name for himself in his chosen hometown Berlin with countless gigs at clubs in the capital and all over the world as mainly a Club-setting DJ. You can check an excerpt of his interview with KALTBLUT magazine below, or follow the link for the full interview.


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KALTBLUT: What’s your favourite genre at the moment? 

Bruno: My favourite genre is, and always has been without realising, IDM. Something very melodic, very soothing, and maybe has some rhythm, but not too much. I like ambient music. I listen to ambient music all the time. Especially when I’m working. It calms me down. I like some techno music when I’m home, but it has to be very melodic and very soundscap-y. I don’t like to listen to dance music when I’m home if it isn’t melodic.

Read the full interview with Cleymoore here.

Interview with Tripmastaz

Interview with Tripmastaz

Hey Tripmastaz! How are things, are you back to playing shows now?

Hey, if you have asked me this a few weeks ago, I’d say things are slowly getting back to normal. However in the darkness of the recent events, things are getting way way way worse than I or anybody could expect.

You’ve had some pretty big collabs over the years, Ricardo Villalobos & DJ Sneak to name a few, what’s been your favorite thing about working with these legends?

Not just one favorite to be honest though. Stories, laughs, exchanging ideas, learning, great vibes, and huge inspiration overall.


You started your own mixing and mastering service TripMastering, how did that come about? How has the experience been so far?

It came about kinda organically, when everything in life stopped almost for 2 years. But also since I started to learn more about mixing and mastering and digging deeper into the analog world and it seemed natural to start it. Sort of expansion of my own curiousity and willing to share my experience. Since then I’m working with very interesting artists and music I mix and master ranges from acoustic, jazz, folk, ambient, movie soundtracks to of course all shades of electronic and dance music and hip hop.

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Drop Beats Not Bombs by Denis Kaznacheev for Meoko

 Drop Beats Not Bombs

Denis Kaznacheev

Drop Beats Not Bombs w. Denis Kaznacheev

An open letter from the MEOKO community.
I consider myself first and foremost a human living on Planet Earth.
Cultures are what makes our world a beautiful diverse place to be in. It’s what has sparked humanity’s most significant developments, when people from all around the world came together with their different experiences and created something more meaningful than they would have ever done on their own.
In the end, it is a lesson for us all. Even if our today’s technologies unconsciously push us to put ourselves first, we need to remember that our collaborative force is the most diverse, strongest and meaningful.
Listen here