New Artists: Atree, Katie Drover, Kino

Rings of Neptune welcomes Atree, Katie Drover and Kino.

The three new additions to our roster are all based in Berlin, but are from three very distinct corners of the world: Germany, Australia and Uruguay. They also explore different corners of the electronic music spectrum, and possess equal measurements talent.

— Olli’s (atree) passion for music started with putting together mixed CDs for friends and himself when he was a teenager. His interest in vinyl and the surrounding culture started in 2003 after getting in touch with the reggae / dub scene these days. Olli started his solo project atree in 2013 and since then he released his music on Pluie/Noir, Arpège, Veniceberg, Shotgun and many others.

Pleasure Zone, Carpet and Snares, Subsonic Music and her own Dokutoku Records, Katie Drover‘s catalog keeps growing. This mathematician turned international touring DJ has more than just 4/4 in her pocket as she flits between Australian and Europe in her quest for the perfect groove.

Kino developed his sound being a DJ resident of Phonotheque in Montevideo, Uruguay, one of South America most respected nightclubs. Now since 2019, he relocated to Berlin. Passionate for searching music and generating atmospheres, his musical taste varies from techno to electro. Allied of the unexpected and the details, his presentations invite you to transit through different pathways.

Atree — Based in Berlin, Germany
Booking info: giovanni (at)

Katie Drover — Based in Berlin, Germany
Booking info: giovanni (at)

Kino — Based in Berlin, Germany
Booking info: giovanni (at)


Pluie/Noir Interscapes 10

Interscapes 10

“Backyard Sanctuary”

Sound mixed and compiled by Michael Melchner
Visual interpretation by ZZY aka Lenny Mailleau

Welcome to the new Pluie/Noir podcast series. 9 years after our debut we decided to press the reboot button and return to our roots. With a new format and back to a regular monthly schedule, Pluie/Noir Interscapes will feature audio collages, mixes, live interviews, and live recordings from P/N artists, friends, and other collectives we admire.

For Interscapes 10 we welcome Michael MelchnerThe DJ, producer, digger extraordinaire and half of Omega Men – for a sonic ride with plenty of room for introspection. Appropriately dense acrylic painting by the Berlin-based visual artist behind The Yellow Zone and one half of Zendid, Lenny Mailleau. We interview both for the occasion:

_MG_8460 - Kopie


Hi Michael, welcome to the PN Interscapes series. How are you feeling lately?

Thank you for the invitation! I feel pretty good, enjoying the summer and the new/old freedoms in Berlin. I feel that the energy in the city is very special right now, and it’s nice to get infected by a positive vibe instead of a threatening virus. Altogether, I have the hope with everything whats happening in the world, we are finally waking up and can make some meaningful changes that will lead us to a utopia and not to a dystopia.

Do you feel these past periods had an impact on you? 

Yes, it made me realize relatively quickly what I actually want in life. And that is: creating music, DJing, organizing our label, and everything else that contributes to our scene with all its flaws. I also think it’s time to bring more politics into play. We live in difficult times, and we should say what we believe in and our values and not be afraid to take a stand. Of course, techno should be primarily unifying, but let’s talk politics a bit more often, please! 


“When it comes to producing, one of my main projects right now is Omega Men.”

You haven’t released music as Michael Melchner since 2016. Is Omega Men your main focus now? 

When it comes to producing, one of my main projects right now is Omega Men. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that all tracks released as Omega Men are always produced by Paul Tiedje and me together. Some tracks released under the name are also produced by Paul or myself in single sessions. Omega Men are first and foremost all people who do not feel and perform as alpha animals. Mainly that’s Paul and me for the label and as artists, but it’s essential to keep that a bit open. I still use my real name for gigs as a DJ, but I put the name aside as a producer for now.

You shared a studio with Patrick Klein and did a couple of releases together. Are you planning on exploring your work further as Klein/Melchner and DJ Gonzo & Dr. Yes?  

Yes, that’s my other big project. I make music with Patrick as Klein/Melchner and then some more “fun” tracks as Dj Gonzo & Dr. Yes. We have a lot of material, and we might even release a long-player in the future. And we are working on a live act for a date in September. 

Are you using these projects to explore other genres before you return to your solo works? Any wishes to record a solo album any time soon?

For now, I really enjoy working with Patrick and Paul. The three of us share the studio, so during the lockdown, we were so lucky to have that place where we could go and meet and just do something together without breaching all rules at the time. During the lockdown/curfew, this studio and our friendship and company during the lockdown/curfew were so good for creativity and mental health. That’s why I still enjoy working together with them right now.

But I’m sure the time will come again when I want to work alone. And yes, in the distant future, I would also like to release a solo album, but I’ll take my time for that! 

“I make music with Patrick as Klein/Melchner and then some more “fun” tracks as Dj Gonzo & Dr. Yes. We have a lot of material, and we might even release a long-player in the future.

Tell us more about your contribution to the series “Backyard Sanctuary”? What were your creative process and idea for this mix, when and how did you record it?

I like ambient sets, but most of them usually have a turning point that I don’t like. Some get a bit cheesy, some get too esoteric or ethnic, some get too “beautiful” or lose energy. I wanted to do an ambient mix that still has a straight “techno feel” to it. I like it dark; I like it when it keeps the energy and doesn’t change the mood too often. For that, I did a Bandcamp only research for tracks and then compiled them in Ableton in my studio. It was pretty exciting because its the first mix I did, which was not recorded with records.

“I wanted to do an ambient mix that still has a straight “techno feel” to it. I like it dark”

Michael Melchner

Any personal projects on your mind apart from music production and DJ’ing? 

Haha, yes, this is perhaps my most significant project, which will take the most time; I want to renovate my flat. For this, I need to learn how to sand down floorboards, fill walls, plaster stucco, etc. Exciting and frightening at the same time!

Short, medium, and long-term goals?  

Play more DJ-gigs, Plan a live set, play a live set

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M: info (at)

Walrus On The Alley

 Walrus on the Alley 


This series follows with long awaited contribution from Michiel Claus best known as Walrus. Belgian digger, selector at Crevette Records, dj, producer and head of @BasicMoves record label, gave us a little insight on how this soothing set came together:

“For some months I’ve been recording a weekly deejay session just for myself to get to know the new-new and new-old records I bought the last 2 years.
What you hear is a one hour cut out of a session inspired by a fun afternoon playing records at my friend James place, who is recently re-discovering his own massive late 90’s/ early 2000 west coast house / (uk) tech house collection. Summer good vibes and real house music that fits Automagically to me. Enjoy “

Peter F. Spiess on Traum

Peter F. Spiess — Traum


Who is Rubi?

“Who is Rubi?

Forward Movement dives deep with Christina Hans aka Rubi exploring her journey from the warm waters of electronic music hotbed Barcelona to the emerging creative pond of Yangon where she helped to nurture and grow the scene.

Constantly outside of her comfort zone, occasionally by choice – her artistic contributions will last beyond her time in Myanmar and resulted in many connections flourishing throughout Asia.

Forced now, to return to the capital of her motherland – a city swamped with talent – you’ll find Rubi rediscovering her niche whilst sustaining her creative freedom.