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Unreleased Archives – Luc Ringeisen

December 3, 2020

The Unreleased Archives

"Luc Ringeisen"

Luc Ringeisen ventures into the Bandcamp ecosystem to release new and exclusive tracks available in two attractive formats: high-quality downloads (24bit/48K WAV) and a rather unusual but highly collectible custom dubplate with personalized tracklist through an “A la Carte” concept. The “Unreleased Archives,” a collection of 3xEPs of 5 extra tracks each, is now available on the platform and consists of recent studio productions and some older unreleased gems. Follow his Bandcamp page and receive notifications on new releases. Luc expects to upload new work consistently, especially Bandcamp exclusive studio work & secret weapons from the past 2 decades.

“Bandcamp exclusive studio work & secret weapons from the past 2 decades.”

A la Carte Concept: After choosing the tracklist of your personalized vinyl, we will create a custom dubplate from PVC blanks; we will produce it and ship it with care from Berlin. Each side of the dubplate is limited to 2 tracks, considering both are under 6 minutes and 20 seconds. For optimal sound quality and volume gain, we recommend 1 track per side. Dubplates are playable as many times as regular vinyl records.