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Tripmastaz – Partying With Illusions

November 9, 2021


Partying With Illusions


Tripmastaz is back, this time drenched in Summery, laid-back Sunday vibes. The main title, appropriately named ‘Sunday Mix 1,’ is steeped in rich organ arrangements, deep vocals, and funky bass stabs, the kind of combination one wishes on a laid-back Sunday afternoon. The subtle percussive variations and the thorough but discreet synth work fill up the sonic space with an infectious swag – which is even more evident on ‘Mix # 3.1.’

And whereas the main title, “Sunday,” relies on a more laid-back approach, the flip-side ‘Puppi Luv’ literally flips the gears to a scenario where the groove is the focal point, and everything is playful – but strangely hypnotic. “Partying With Illusions” is a lush, uplifting record that finds Tripmastaz once again showcasing his skills as an outstanding music producer.