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Spacepawn Masters — Answering Your Call – After Two Decades EP

November 10, 2022

Answering Your Call

After Two Decades

Spacepawn Masters

Spacepawn Masters is an electro music project of Joerg P. Bergs and Peter F. Spiess that was founded in 1996. 

Early experimental sound recordings caught the attention of Electrecord label co-runner Gregor Luttermann and lead to a first release on the legendary cd2000 compilation (released by Studio K7 in 1997).

Years of studio and live work followed in which the duo focused on a sound dominated by analog sound synthesis and creating wild soundscapes with no DAW involved. 

Tracks were solely recorded as live jams to preserve a maximum of authenticity and organic sound. Spacepawn Masters still follow this ethic to this day.

After a rather long hiatus during which Joerg and Peter both followed their solo careers, they finally decided to continue their journey into this very unique interpretation of electro music together as Spacepawn Masters.

The long due reunion lead to the EP “Answering Your Call After Two Decades” on Daro Recordings.