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Pit Spector mix for Star Wax

April 12, 2021





Pit Spector is a leading artist on the French electronic music scene. He has been active for the past fifteen years and is the head of the Prospector label. He has been part of several projects such as BlackMix and Antislash. He has also performed live in renowned clubs such as Panorama Bar – Berghain in Berlin, Closer in Kiev, Rodnya in Moscow. A house producer with minimal and funky influences, Pit Spector has released numerous tracks on Minibar, Karat records, Circus Company, Ark records to name but a few. We had the pleasure to interview him for the release of his double LP “Mindoor” on Logistic Records. This time, he comes back with an exclusive podcast for Star Wax, including a series of collaborations with Dandy Jack, Ben Vedren, his brother Ark and other tracks he likes.

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